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Nintendo releases new Paper Mario: The Origami King commercial

Nintendo of America has unleashed a new TV commercial for their upcoming new entry in the Paper Mario series, Paper Mario: The Origami King. The fresh new adventure is due out exclusively on Nintendo Switch on Friday, 17th July. Have a watch at the action unfold in the video below:

“The kingdom has been ravaged by an origami menace! Join Mario and his new partner, Olivia, as they battle evil Folded Soldiers, repair the damaged landscape, and try to free Princess Peach’s castle from the clutches of King Olly in this comedy-filled adventure. Only on the Nintendo Switch system.”

5 thoughts on “Nintendo releases new Paper Mario: The Origami King commercial”

  1. All I have to say is, before the producers of Paper Mario depart immediately start the next one. I already know how Nintendo does, finish a game then depart everyone going their seperate ways. Then 4 years later one producer decides he wants a sequel. Then have to call everyone back in office to start it. Some people could be difficult to bring back for personal reasons. Had they started immediately then delays between sequels could be a gap of 2 years rather than 8. Sequels are so spaced out they jump more per generation consoles. Why should people have to upgrade a console to play a sequel
    Take Last of Us 2. Had the producers worked on the game immediately Sonly boys could had been playing the sequel on PS3 and the 3rd or 4th could had been for PS4.

  2. It’s only been 4 years since Paper Mario Color Splash came out, so I’m going to say that they most certainly did get started on Origami King right away; they most certainly didn’t spend that time with their thumbs up their asses. Keep in mind these same devs just released a game last year; Fire Emblem Three Houses. A two year development cycle is usually garbage by they way, it usually comes off feeling like a rushed, inferior product. At least they took their time with this, it should be a better game for it. It actually looks really good to me, can’t wait to play it.

    Also, at this point I’m convinced you’re a troll. You are always saying the same things, and asking for market over saturation, which is something any sane person loathes. I mean look at what it does to other series. People got tired of Assassins Creed because they were on a one a year schedule for awhile, same thing with Far Cry Series and what CoD continues to be; although, that one still sells extremely well every time for reasons I will never understand. You honestly wanted 4 Last of Us games in the same span as the two came out in? Yeah if that was the case people would be over it by now.

    What’s better? less games, but the ones you get are longer and higher quality or more, but what you get feels rushed, short and is a cheapened experience? You can almost never have it all by the way, so don’t try to cop out by saying you want it all, it’s obvious from the things you say that you have absolutely no idea what goes into making a game.

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