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Pokemon Sword & Shield Version 1.2.1 available now

The Pokemon Company has released an update for Pokemon Sword and Shield today which brings the popular video game to Version 1.2.1. The update simply fixes a number of bugs and improves the overall gameplay experience. Here’s the full patch notes:

Ver. 1.2.1 (Released July 7, 2020)

A bug in regards to the number of digits for password settings has been fixed.
In regards to the passwords that can be set for Y-Comm and Max Raid Battles, we fixed the bug where players could be matched with others whose passwords were not coinciding.

Other updated content
We fixed several other issues to improve game play experience.


7 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword & Shield Version 1.2.1 available now”

  1. Klara is better than Avery

    I don’t like Avery. I want Klara. I don’t like Allister but I like Zamazenta. Bea is better than Allister. I’m glad I got Melony instead of Gordie.

  2. Melony is better than Gordie.

    I love Melony and Zamazenta. I dislike Allister and Avery. I wish I had Bea, Melony and Klara on one game. #KlaraIsBetterThanAvery

  3. I was tricked into buying shield. It has better exclusive pokemon mostly but I miss out on Klara and now I’m stuck with Avery.

  4. I want block feature patched in so I won’t have to battle or team up with Hop, Avery, Gordie, or Allister at Wyndon. Avery is not at Wyndon but I would hate to see him there.

  5. TooManyVersionExclusives

    I bet 2 of those kanto legendary birds will be version exclusive and one will require the other 2 in your party to be encountered. Sadly I expect this for the sinnoh lake trio and the swords of justice too. I think you can only get 2 tapus per game in crown tundra but i’m not sure. I think you’ll need both games for the new regis as well.

  6. Too much Avery. Not enough Klara. I don’t even like having Avery on my game. #KlaraIsBetterThanAvery

  7. I wish I could delete Allister and Avery from my game. Melony is the only enjoyable exclusive trainer on Pokémon shield. I really wanted Zamazenta and I don’t have a smartphone for gts. #KlaraIsBetterThanAvery #BeaIsBetterThanAllister #MelonyIsBetterThanGordie

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