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Exploration Tour adds Captain Toad and Toadette to Mario Kart Tour

The Marine Tour is over in Nintendo’s popular mobile kart racer Mario Kart Tour and now it’s time for the Exploration Tour. The latest tour adds two beloved characters which are Toadette and Captain Toad. The Exploration Tour also adds a new retro course which is the famous Nintendo 64 course Choco Mountain. Mario Kart Tour is available now on both iOS and Android.


    1. The only reason baby Rosalina exist is to fill lightweights, I sorta like her character but I rather have Young storybook Rosalina, because she’s the only real canon Rosalina, it’s makes since that people hate baby Rose because she basically mess up the story book

      1. Well, I mean, Rosalina obviously WAS a baby at one point, but that doesn’t mean that form belongs in MK, especially since it’s not relevant. Better choices for lightweights that won’t be annoying would be characters like Spike or Kamek/Magikoopa.

  1. Lol…. Couple of ‘men’ crying about girls in games!!!! Incase your brains can’t handle the thought…. Yes Girls play games and a lot of young kids too…..

    So basically, stop bitching like a couple of bitches and play your game with Peach like you always do!!!

    1. Woah no one was being sexist or anything read the comments we didnt mention anything like that, I’m literally young myself, what where you even reading for you to post somethingnlike this.

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