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Paper Mario: The Origami King bug prevents some players from completing the game



Now that Paper Mario: The Origami King has been available on Nintendo Switch for a little while, some players have unfortunately uncovered a bug in the game that is preventing them from completing the game. The game-breaking glitch can be found in the Shangri-Spa area of the title where you head to get a Stamp Card and have to take it to four of the local springs. After receiving a ‘Spring of Rainbows VIP Pass’, this will grant the player access to the hidden Spring of Rainbows area and the pass taken away and removed from the inventory. Leaving the area by accident and you can’t regain access, so, if you save once you leave, then you can’t get the pass to get access again.

A video uploaded by Nintendo Unity on YouTube (which you can watch here) shows the bug in action.

Although not everyone will encounter this (thankfully),   complaints are cropping up over on the official Nintendo support site.

We’re sure Nintendo will have this under control soon with a patch, but in the meantime, keep it in mind when playing this section of the game to avoid any nasty surprises.

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6 thoughts on “Paper Mario: The Origami King bug prevents some players from completing the game”

  1. I know this feeling, it’s actually horrible not being able to progress because of something that technically isn’t your fault.

  2. Just like the Skyward Sword bug (talking to a certain Goron during the Song of the Hero quest before completing it would make the game think the player has found every part even if they didn’t, locking them out of scripted scenarios and rendering progression impossible) and the Metroid: Other M bug (it was possible to get permanently locked into a certain save room, making progression impossible. I wish that happened to me when I did my playthrough- it would have turned me away from playing one of the worst games I’ve ever played) before it… Hopefully a fix is brought forth soon.

  3. This game is kind of boring. but I have not made it to a boss yet. I’m just at Toad Town. Why when the game was in R&D didnt the developers think of EXP points to get it full for the next level? That was stupid

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