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Studio MDHR comments on Cuphead DLC

Studio MDHR announced that the wonderfully challenging 2D platformer Cuphead is arriving on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console today. Some of you might be wondering what has happened to the promised downloadable content titled the Delicious Last Course? Well, the studio’s COO Maja Moldenhauer has provided a comment on that, and it doesn’t sound as though it is coming anytime soon.

“In true Cuphead fashion it’s taking us a little longer than we thought, but we want to make it a memorable experience,” she said. “To be honest I think that we ultimately probably announced it a little too early based on when we actually put pencil to paper, but at the end of the day we want it to be a fulfilling experience and live up to Cuphead and it will come out when it’s ready.”


10 thoughts on “Studio MDHR comments on Cuphead DLC”

  1. I always thought that this DLC transitioned into a full fledged sequel causing into postponement but there is no confirmation to this.

    It’s a bit sad when you think about how much time goes into making a boss fight that takes only 2 min to beat (if you’re super good ofc).

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