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The next Tour in Mario Kart Tour will be the Pirate Tour which kicks off 11th August

Nintendo has announced on Twitter that the Wild West Tour in the popular smartphone game Mario Kart Tour is coming to an end. The next stop for the Mario Kart mobile series is the newly announced Pirate Tour which is due to begin on Tuesday 11th August at 11pm PT. Mario Kart Tour is available right now as a free to play title on iOS and Android devices.

6 thoughts on “The next Tour in Mario Kart Tour will be the Pirate Tour which kicks off 11th August”

  1. I wish Pauline was playable on Mario kart 8. The vanilla Mario kart 8 for wii u has a better roster than team sonic racing even without dlc. I only like 13 of the 15 playable characters on team sonic racing. Not a fan of big the cat and omochao. Amy should have teamed up with Chaos Zero and Cream the rabbit. #SegaHatesCreamTheRabbit

  2. With the looks of it the Mario Kart mobile game/app isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

    We can conclude that MK9 will probably not see the light anytime soon. Since MK8D is selling like hot cakes still, MK9 might be a and should be a launch title on the successor of the Switch (probably in 2024).

    1. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Sickr says there will be a successor to Nintendo Switch in 2023 perhaps. During Nintendo Switch reveal trailer, i thought Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was gonna be a new Mario Kart game but later we realize it isn’t. Its just a updated version of Mario Kart 8 witch is disappointing. I’m still demanding a new game.

      1. 2023 for a switch successor is a possibility but I more inclined to speculate that it will come later than that. Reason being the Switch haven’t seen any pro edition remodels yet which typically breathes new life (3 years into any system).

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