Nintendo Switch

US: Nintendo generated 248.7 million TV ad impressions in July

Nintendo spend an estimated $2.9 million on television advertisements during the month of July 2020. Out of the big three gaming console manufacturers it came in second place after Sony. The Kyoto-based company generated 248.7 million advertisement impression across fifteen different commercials in the United States. The company concentrated on advertising Paper Mario: The Origami King on kids TV channels. Sony the winner for the month of July 2020 spent an estimated  $13.2 million.

Second place goes to Nintendo with an estimated spend of $2.9 million on 15 commercials that ran over 2,600 times, generating 248.7 million TV ad impressions. The spot with the biggest spend (est. $1.5 million) was “Put the World Back in One Piece,” advertising Paper Mario: The Origami King. Nick, Cartoon Network, and Teen Nick were the three networks scoring the biggest outlays; top shows included SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, and Teen Titans Go!.


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