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Ace Sec analyst believes Nintendo Switch will “overwhelmingly crush” PlayStation 5 later this year

Ace Sec, who are a Japanese securities firm, believe that Nintendo stands to “overwhelmingly crush” the PlayStation 5 this holiday season. The PlayStation 5 is expected to launch in November at around $500 and is widely anticipated around the world. It’s not clear if the analyst is talking just about Japan or worldwide. It will certainly be interesting to see how both systems perform as well as the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S during the busy Christmas period.

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    1. Yea obviously the Switch with killer bundles and great new releases and a low price will crush a newcomer that will only have 2 or 3 games worth picking up at launch. I hate “analysts” who play it safe and only state the obvious facts to build up a “reputation”. Why is their opinion newsworthy anyway.


  1. Lol wont happen,Playstation 5 will outsell both the XSX and the NS come launch,its going to even do bigger numbers then PS4,Ninty only has 1 console that hit the 100 million mark,how many does Sony have,more then 2,and Switch wont sell 100 million Watch the sales dwindle as soon as PS5 drops

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    1. The Switch will sell over 100 million. Nintendo has thee consoles that have sold over 100 million. Don’t forget the DS and Gameboy are still consoles that play video games.

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    2. Well yea, the Playstation is garbage. Also the switch is a current Gen system. As where ps5 has nothing going for it. Xbox on the other hand will probably also outsell ps5. After all Xbox game pass don’t even require a system. But also the Xbox has way better features. I think Sony is uninspired this gen. Like they are just making a system to make a system.

      Nintendo and Microsoft are both tackling a play anywhere ecosystem. Meanwhile Sony just seems to be making it up as they go along, lack of vision.


      1. That is literally the dumbest comment I’ve read in a long time. Halo infinite alone was an absolute disaster.. sony have some of the best exclusives and there launch plans are pretty concrete. Sony has some diehard fans. 100mil ps4s prove that

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  2. Only if they reduce the price from 300 to 200$, and from 199 to 150$ for the lite.

    Next gen is coming and Nintendo isnt even releasing proper directs leaving fans thirsty while the other platforms are getting amazing games with never before seen graphics on consoles and a fast SSD.

    Playing on switch will feel clunky in december.

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  3. If that rumoured Mario 35th is true, then it doesnt matter what the PS5 can do. It doesnt matter if graphics, faster or if the thing flew. Especially if Mario 64 was brand new. What does PS5 have that can subdue?

    Now all we need is that Pokemon Snap with that cat named Mew.

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  4. The only way that will happen is with both Mario and Zelda. So we’ll see. But the PS5 has accrued so much goodwill from the PS4 that I don’t think it’ll get crushed necessarily.
    Xbox is gonna suffer quite a bit though.

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    1. Good will doesnt really matter.
      The ps2 was the highest selling console of all time which lead to the ps3 which sold like shit into the ps4 which sells incrediblely well.
      Original Xbox sold ok leading into 360 which was the default console of its gen into XBO which sales are ok but not great.
      And look at the constant back and forth mess that is Nintendos console sales.
      Good will means nothing in this industry.


      1. 360 and ps3 were pretty much neck and neck at 80mil. Back to the point earlier..Sony has a dedicated fan base. 500 dollars for a brand new piece of kit is standard now. Ps5 will fly of the shelves


  5. For the 1st time I see, why Nintendo is quiet and yet to be.

    With 3 big heavy Nintendo hitters and no date, makes it hard for the competition to relate.

    Not knowing when, how or why Nintendo isnt talking makes the rivals guess while walking.

    People can say all they want to say, but at the end, Nintendo knows how to make their rivals pay.

    So let those souped up consoles come out, the Switch Software will show them what it is all about.

    Pokemon Snap with Charmeleon will make sure to help Switch reach 100 million while the fans are sipping on lemonade and chilling.

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  6. With the constant and recent censorship of anime styled games on play station platforms, they ensured that I will not buying play station products any time soon.


  7. The games they mean but never seen:
    Pikmin 4
    Bayonetta 3
    Breath of Wild Sequel
    Metroid Prime 4

    When an interviewer ask how one of these games are doing, you get nothing who are they fooling?

    There is a reason why they are secret on these games, but people cant think of the answer all the same.


  8. IMO, I think the Xbox Series S will be the silent killer. A cheap, new console that can play everything the X can will be enticing to casual customers put off by the $500 – $600 price tag of the other machines.

    If Nintendo actually pulls its finger out and releases some heavy-hitters for Xmas, I can easily see the Switch outselling PS5 and Xbox Series X.


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