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Team Chicken has won the latest Splatoon 2 encore Splatfest

The results for Splatoon 2‘s Team Chicken Vs. Team Egg encore Splatfest are in. According to the official Nintendo Versus Twitter account, Team Egg received the most votes. However, Team Chicken won more Normal and Pro matches, making them the winners of the Splatfest. The full results can be seen in the official tweet down below.

2 thoughts on “Team Chicken has won the latest Splatoon 2 encore Splatfest”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I was away for the weekend, so had to make the most of every playing opportunity.
    The slippy station was excellent, a few times I got got stuck under the containment thingy with two bad guys armed with buckets, rollers, etc. Was great fun!

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