Nintendo is now the richest Japanese company in 2020

Financial analysis firm Risk Masters is reporting that Nintendo is now the richest Japanese company in 2020. The tragic ongoing coronavirus pandemic and subsequent worldwide lockdowns have seen video games companies and technology firms make incredible gains with consumers staying at home and looking for entertainment. Nintendo also released Animal Crossing: New Horizons at the end of March 2020 which has been an immensely successful product on the already popular Switch system and is the second highest-selling video game in Japan of all-time.

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  2. I think he’s suggesting Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world, but it’s kind of a tricky and technical question. Bill Gates has more liquid money and financial power, but Bezos has a higher net worth

    1. You’re correct on my intent…… although its really not that tricky of a question. Bezos is worth literally twice of what Gates is, even after giving up 36 billion to his ex-wife. Most of those assets are in stock, which can be sold quickly and easily. Though there’s no public records of how much of their relative net worths are liquid anyway, so I’m not sure how you’re making that determination in the first place.

  3. Are they really bigger than all of Sony? That doesn’t sound too hot for PlayStation. I predict PlayStation will become its own brand by next gen (PS6.) Sony only holds back PlayStation, if anything.

  4. This is great news. You know Miyamoto and company are counting money not worrying about perceived directs lol.


  5. If you think they are rich now just wait till the holiday season comes around. Nintendo always makes money regardless. But now they will be printing their own money. Bells worth more than the american dollar.

  6. More money in the bank. Sony is not really keeping much money since expenditures is just huge for them

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