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Rumour: Insider says Monster Hunter Switch to be revealed soon

Video game insider Dusk Golem has tweeted to his audience that Capcom is planning to show the Monster Hunter game they have apparently been developing for the Nintendo Switch platform. Capcom hasn’t announced a new Monster Hunter game for the system, but they have previously said that they are looking at a “Monster Hunter targeted to middle-high school kids, like PSP entries did.” Dust Golem claims that Monster Hunter Switch is based on the Resident Evil Engine which the company has gotten up and running on the system. As always, this is just a rumour so we shall have to wait and see what happens.


14 thoughts on “Rumour: Insider says Monster Hunter Switch to be revealed soon”

  1. Is it gonna be another port of the wii u and 3DS Versions though lol if so do we really need it?
    Then again we should already be used to capcom and their ports right?

    1. Def will not be a port. No way Capcom would even try to bring MHWorld to switch. Too many switch owners already have it on either XB or PC.. It will def be new for switch. I just hope they keep the Fighting styles that we got in MHGen.&MHGU, but finally give us an open world.

  2. Interesting. I really hope its not just a port though, i already played World to death so i really could use something new.

  3. Let’s just face it, it’s a port.
    Why? Because Capcom, of all companies, isn’t going to be the one to take the Switch seriously.
    With the PC/XBSX and ps5 it’s a different story though.
    What I’m saying is nothing new, NO COMPANY has taken the Switch seriously. If they CONSIDER the Switch, it’s just for another port of a game that was a thing in the past. And it’s going to be very expensive. In addition to that:
    * It may be postponed to Godknowswhen;
    * It may be cancelled;
    * It may run like S;
    * It may be bugged to Oblivion, Fallout 76 style
    Those are the perks of a Switch port.

  4. Everyone here saying it’s gonna be a port. What tf is it a port of then? 4? Tri? It can’t be World because it’s not what Capcom considers classic Monster Hunter (which they specifically stated this game would be).
    If it’s any old game running on the RE engine then that’s not a port, that’s a remake. Which is an entirely new thing on its own.
    I know Capcom’s been pretty garbage when it comes to switch releases but come on people at least give the options some thought before you whine.
    They don’t have any feasible game left in the MH franchise to port because they already ported Generations, which is essentially a celebrated collective of all those old games.
    And this is before we consider that they stated themselves that there will be new Monster Hunter games on both Switch and PlayStation going forward because they don’t want to lose that Nintendo audience.
    It’s been said that World is considered a side game in the franchise much like Generations. Playstation going forward will likely see the World series continue while Nintendo will get the proper numbered entries.
    Calling it right now, this is Monster Hunter 5, and I will eat a shoe if I’m wrong.

    1. “It’s been said that World is considered a side game” – They never said that though, some old school fans consider it was such but the developers never said that.

      1. Okay just looked it up, thank you for the correction. My original claim was indeed misinformed ‘fake news’.
        They called it World simply because they didn’t want new players to feel like they needed to play the whole series to understand it.
        However, given the wild success of World as well as the clear split in the fanbase it caused, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Mh on PlayStation was called MH World 2 and this new switch game 5 (the two styles are different enough to warrant the breakoff)
        Regardless of what the title is I’m still hedging my bets that the Switch MH referred to in this article is a brand new game and not a port.

  5. I seriously doubt it’s just a port of World.

    1. They’ve said several times that World is not possible on Switch.

    2. World did significally worse in Japan than the last few games, and I doubt Capcom would leave their hometurf behind.

  6. Well if it indeed is a port i hope it has added features e.x. devil may cry 3. Have said features or even the controls of monster hunter world.

  7. well this confirms it is definitely a brand new MH game and not a port of World/Iceborne.
    If you do your research on the engines MHW was developed on the latest version of MT Framework which was struggling with the leviathan skeleton, this new MH game will definitely be the next gen MH that everyone wished for because the Japanese fanbase is and always has been Capcom’s main focus, which is why they have shops, activities, restaurants, and tournaments every year in Japan only.
    RE engine MH Switch will be the MH game Capcom really wanted to make, MH World was just a test see how well their main vision would perform, don’t be surprised if MH Switch is open world but with a world design similar to MH world and almost every monster from previous entries, including the return of Leviathans, insects, arachnids, and Amphibians.
    I just hope they include the prowler system again and a new weapon type as well.

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