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Super Mario Sunshine won’t have Gamecube controller support in Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Super Mario 3D All-Stars features Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. Details about the controls for the latter two have emerged since the collection was officially revealed. Galaxy’s controls seem to have various options, but it isn’t looking to be the same case for Sunshine. Nintendo‘s official Japanese website for Super Mario 3D All-Stars, according to GameXplain, is stating that Super Mario Sunshine will not have Gamecube controller support.


10 thoughts on “Super Mario Sunshine won’t have Gamecube controller support in Super Mario 3D All-Stars”

  1. How are we supposed to do pressure control when we use F.L.U.D.D.?! In the GameCube version we could control how much water came out based on how hard and/or how light we pressed down on the trigger button, but the joycons and pro controller does not have that, so what did Nintendo simply just eliminated that feature from the game?! That is so lame… no GameCube controller compatibility is really a dumb choice, i really don’t get that logic!
    How disappointing… I hope Nintendo will patch that in with an update.

  2. I… I don’t think I can support this decision. I might not be buying this anymore. Why would port a GC game and NOT offer support for the original controllers used for said game when it’s perfectly viable?

  3. Can’t say that i am surprised by this. No HD remaster for starters. And this is nintendo. Their ports arent usually enhanced in any way other then added dlc if there is any. But they can always do more.

      1. Yes, it is a remaster- a case where they take the original product and increase the fidelity, as in music or film etc. A situation where the game is rebuilt from the ground up like Crash and Spyro with all-new assets would be a remake. Video game remasters just touch up the graphics so they don’t look like complete ass on an HDTV due to having to upscale from standard definition.

  4. Don’t get completely discouraged, everyone. Remember that the gamecube adapter makes you able to use the gamecube controller in all games you can use a pro controller. The only thing that would not work the same as in the original are the triggers, but that could be patched at a later time.

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