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Scalpers are already selling Super Mario 3D All-Stars at inflated prices online

Nintendo fans were treated to a very pleasant surprise in the last few days as it announced Super Mario 3D All-Stars is coming to Switch in just a couple of weeks both physically and digitally. The only snag is that it’s a limited release and it’s available to purchase until the end of March next year. But as consumers were scrambling online to pre-order their copies for themselves, scalpers have pre-ordered stock to sell on at increased prices. It doesn’t help that many retailers – mainly in North America – have sold out of their first batch of pre-orders.

Heading over to eBay and you’ll instantly see inflated prices and, to no surprise, they’re actually selling and selling fast. Spawn Wave Media on Twitter captured an image of some prices on eBay and you can see for yourself below.

It’s not against the law to sell games at higher prices, but it certainly is a hot topic on people’s moral compass and the discussion around Nintendo limiting the release of such a sought after game is rife. It would be unusual for Nintendo not to replenish stock until March next year though, so hold tight and keep checking retailer stock if you’re yet to pre-order.

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25 thoughts on “Scalpers are already selling Super Mario 3D All-Stars at inflated prices online”

  1. Everyone knew this would happen after the nintendo said it’ll be limited, if people are so desperate to get this game go digital for this one, because you won’t have to worry about it selling out on the eshop, and you don’t reward the scalphers, therefore they’ll look stupid on their part for trying to overprice a $60 port.

      1. Yeah but mario allstars, and kirby wii collection were both limited anniversary releases, but were sold with normal covers six months later, so it won’t be worth it to spend over 100 dollars, if nintendo will eventually bring it back.

        1. Yeah, i suppose your right on that. Beside’s i didn’t know Kirby Wii collection were limited anniversary release too. Nintendo is still staying true on there games being 60$ for getting popular games on there consoles.

          You know, for some reason, it might be worth it for me to get a physical or a digital copy maybe. I do have some doubts on this all star game.

      1. I hate scalpers! They buy all of the copies they can of games etc. and cause a lot of people to miss out on them. This is especially true for companies like Limited Run, Super Rare, Special Reserve, and so on. And gosh…..all of those NES Classic and Super NES Classic scalpers. I wanted to punch them all so bad. Not because I missed out, but because they caused it to be WAY harder to get one of those than it should have been.

    1. I damn the day when buying a product and reselling it for more becomes illegal! There’s nothing wrong with that. If you want the game, just buy it, there’s enough!

  2. Scum of the Earth. Sure there’s worse crimes, but scalpers who hold people’s fandom hostage can go screw.

    Speaking of, Nintendo doesn’t come out of this squeaky clean either. Compare this to Crash Bandicoot Trilogy (actual remakes) and the numbers don’t add up. If they didn’t have the time or resources to spruce it up (they definitely did) then lower the price at least lower the price for their patient fans.

  3. I’m tempted to call the “sales” on ebay a scam, that is, it is scalpers buying from themselves on alternate accounts to legitimize the pricing. Reason? You can still preorder at normal pricing on Amazon and Gamestop. Who is it that’s paying extra on ebay for a product still readily available at retail?

  4. I don’t know who is worse: People who sell it or people who buy it and support them that way. Anyway, it’s Nintendos fault and it sucks.

      1. But that’s literally how the whole world works. Do you work for you boss because you want to help him and his clients or is it because you wish to fill your pockets?
        I bet it’s because you want to fill your pockets you money hungry monster.
        But by doing so you’re helping you boss providing a service to people who want his service and by doing so you enrich the lifes of others.
        That’s why Nintendo sells games. They want money but have they helped the the general public by doing so? What about Walmart and Amazon? What about Apple and Microsoft? What about the mechanic that repairs your car? What about the house you live in? Do you have so these goods and services from saints that provided them to you because they were bored and hoped they could enrich your life? No, they all wanted money and so did the people supplying the raw materials and the people assembling them and their insurance companies. We all want money as money can be used to improve the over all quality of life and the ultimate goal is humans is up be happy.

        The whole world is based around trying to be happy and money is a key component. Everyone wants money.

    1. You’re not the only one. Although I usually try to ease people into it a little more than you are.The reality that high prices are a necessary component of society to maintain supply of scarce resources isn’t something that lots of people take to easily.

  5. I just went onto Amazon and preordered a copy no problem today (9/7/2020).

    So, I guess it was an issue for only a short while. I feel bad for those people who already purchased inflated versions on eBay!

  6. its easy to blame scumbag scalpers but this is also Nintendo’s fault as well.

    And for the comments regarding digital downloads…its just gonna pave the way for future discussions regarding prices for downloads. Why the hell should people pay full price for games released over 13 years ago? Not to mention how barely anything was added to it. No graphic improvements, no full screen display (since I have seen the 4:3 display on the trailers), and the replay option when certain parts of the game get too difficult.

    This is late-stage capitalism. Too expensive for Nintendo to make new games and/or release ports of past games. Do nothing at all regarding masterpieces of the past but just port it at full price.

    The reason why eBay hasn’t gotten outta business is because its filled with folks buying and selling used consoles/games at inflated prices.

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