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Bloomberg: Nintendo telling developers to make their games 4K ready

Bloomberg is reporting this morning that they have heard from several developers who have told them that Nintendo is asking them to make their upcoming video games 4K ready. While it’s unlikely that the heavily rumoured revised Switch unit will output at native 4K resolution, it is likely that the games will be upscaled like the PlayStation 4 Pro’s checkerboard technique. The revised unit is expected early next year and Nintendo is reportedly planning a number of releases for its debut in 2021.

The introduction of a more affordable Switch Lite variant in late 2019 helped broaden the machine’s potential audience and Nintendo is making preparations for an upgraded Switch model and a beefed-up games lineup for 2021, Bloomberg News has reported. Several outside game developers, speaking anonymously as the issue is private, said that Nintendo has asked them to make their games 4K-ready, suggesting a resolution upgrade is on its way.

A Nintendo spokesman declined to comment.



17 thoughts on “Bloomberg: Nintendo telling developers to make their games 4K ready”

  1. How about we see them Full HD ready first? Even 1st party games like Xenoblade run at 540p in handheld. I don’t buy that they’ll put a system even as powerful as a base Xbox One, which can barely play games at 1080p, even less 4K.
    I’d love to be surprised, but Bloomberg is full of baloney.

    1. Was thinking the same thing. I would much rather games like Xenoblade, Breath of the Wild, Trine Ultimate Collection etc, hit 1080p/60fps first before worrying about games in 4K but I guess we gotta see just how powerful this upgraded Switch is.

      1. Its only a matter of time until we see what this new Switch system is capable of on doing. I still have doubts that the Switch is still new to everyone and other development company.

  2. I just bought a 4K TV, and so far I have yet to understand what’s so great about it. My standard HD TV looked just as good, if not better. But I have no 4K hardware to connect to my TV at the moment, so I can’t even see if I can tell a difference in 4K or not. Only reason I bought a 4K TV is because I wanted to future-proof myself for the upcoming PS5 etc.

    1. You have definitely not seen UHD content. The jump is as big as it was from SD to Full HD, it is even bigger if you jump from the Switch in handheld to UHD HDR. Make sure the content runs at 60 fps.

    2. Do you have Netflix? You can upgrade to their 4K membership plan, I think it’s around $17-$18 a month. They have a lot of 4K content on there and I can definitely notice the difference. I personally hate the motion plus setting on new TV’s and turn it off, it causes something called the soap opera effect, I would recommend finding that setting on your TV and see if you like it on or off. It’s really only supposed to be on for live sports and events, I think it looks horrible for movies and TV shows, some people like it though or just don’t even notice the difference.

    3. Do listen to them, the jump to 4K isnt as big as the jump from SD to HD.
      Mostly due to tht the higher a res is the closer u hav to be sitting to even tell the difference. Benefit of tht though is it feels more like a “theater” exp as the screen covers ur FoV more. If u want to notice a difference on ur usual sitting distance ur gonna need to grab a bigger tv to compensate. (like u need a 55in if ur gonna get a good notice at 7.5ft away)

      1440p though is the better res imo Still noticeable and dont need to sit as closely as a 4k res

      Anyways, if u want good 4K tv then u shuld look into more on better colors and input lag; definitely noticeable and helps gameplay with tht input lag than res.

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