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Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase announced for tomorrow

Nintendo has announced that its next Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase will be aired tomorrow at 3pm BST, 4pm CEST, 7am PT. The video will feature info about some upcoming Nintendo Switch games from their publishing partners. If you’d like to reacquaint yourself with August’s Partner Showcase, you can read the full rundown of what was shown in our handy roundup here.

22 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase announced for tomorrow”

    1. They have so few titles that by their nature they’re going to be extremely hit or miss. Either you’ll love the major game announced, like the SMT fans did last time, or you’ll get nothing out of it. Might as well just read the Direct Round Up MNN does to see if you want to view any of the trailers.

    1. They did announce that they will show multiple more throughout the years, so that shouldn’t come as a surprise. I think Nintendo’s strategy has become to deliever smaller news more quickly instead of saving up news for a single big direct every couple of months. That does make sense, because this timing probably also works out better for their partners.

  1. Honestly, we’ve had so many of these lately. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have made one big partner Direct that had a 20~30 minute run time rather than give us these 10 minute segments where they only show off 6 or so games.

    1. Really, you have to ask that? In the current climate its very difficult to collaborate with other teams/businesses. I work in the IT industry and have been working from home since March. Its easy to just say do a 20-30min direct but the logistics make it more difficult than you’d imagine.

  2. There are some Nintendo fan ass Nintendo fans on this site. If it doesn’t have Mario or Zelda in it then they don’t care…
    Which is fine, I should add, like what you like. But to complain about more announcements coming just because they aren’t the announcements you yourself want. It’s a bit silly.
    Both partner showcases have been fine, they’re obviously spacing their announcements out so people will always be talking about what they have next, I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept operating this way going forth.

    1. Last gen rehashes are cool? No sir, not for me because chances are 1- I played them already 2- I played a superior version of it 3- filling out the Switch release calendar with such games is a lame excuse to cover for the lack of brand new titles.

      People like you is why Nintendo lowered the bar so low as of late.

      1. Cool I’m glad you got to play all those great games when they came out. Others might not have so having the option is nice, but whatever, they don’t pander specifically to you so I guess more options is bad.
        I think the release calendar has been pretty alright considering the current state of the world. Even if you don’t want to count “games I’ve already played before” then you still have 5 noteworthy releases this year from Nintendo alone. Not enough for you? Well that’s why third party and indie games exists, of which there have been plenty this year. Don’t want to consider those options, that’s a you problem.

        I’m all for calling out Nintendo’s bullshit practices when they show them, but how they’re handling this year with their line up is definitely not one of them. Try tempering your expectations or broadening your horizons, you’ll find that there’s actually plenty of games to play.

        And if you’re angry that their sizzle reel of ads don’t meet your hype standards… Well again, that’s just silly. They’re just ads.

      2. @Mathew Young what 5 new games are you talking about? Apart from ACNH and PM Origami King, what did we get? I’d get it if they’re letting 3rd party developer get their share of the spotlight but that isn’t happening either as evident from delaying NMHIII and probably Bayo3 and Bravely Default II to next year.

        I miss 2017 and 2018 when we got a big title every month or so. 2019 first half was extremely slow to but they made up July onwards.

  3. I wanna see Metal Slug 8 since that was supposedly planned for this year. (plus I still think a MS character is getting into Smash)

  4. Someone should just do an end-of-the-year compilation video of everything announced this year, starting with the Pokemon SWSH Expansion Pass announcement.

    Someone else should do a mega compilation video of every piece of content found in the Nintendo leaks.

    2020 – Nintendo Vs. Fans: The Battle for Content

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