Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s recent Switch firmware update added some more banned username words

It has been discovered by modder OatmealDome that the list of words that gamers cannot include in their Switch usernames has received some new additions in Nintendo‘s recent Switch firmware update. The ones found so far are “KKK”, “slave”, “nazi”, “ACAB”, “coronavirus” and “COVID”. All of them are related to recent events that are still ongoing as of this article’s writing: police brutality and systemic racism protests, and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.



  1. “Slave” is banned? What if someone wants to call themselves “slave” in a way to pay homage to the unfortunate third world individuals who built their Switch or iPhone or other favorite electronic of the world? How inconsiderate of Nintendo to ban “slave”.


      1. I don’t blame, the term is very unfamiliar in other countries. I believe brazilians even say it as a laughing term, kinda like “lol”


  2. Well, those are just stupid to have as your username anyways.
    There was a player named Adolf Crittler in Guild Wars 2 that was banned (or made to switch names).
    The name was hilarious, especially since the character was the tiny critter race.


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