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Nintendo’s recent Switch firmware update added some more banned username words

It has been discovered by modder OatmealDome that the list of words that gamers cannot include in their Switch usernames has received some new additions in Nintendo‘s recent Switch firmware update. The ones found so far are “KKK”, “slave”, “nazi”, “ACAB”, “coronavirus” and “COVID”. All of them are related to recent events that are still ongoing as of this article’s writing: police brutality and systemic racism protests, and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.



  1. “Slave” is banned? What if someone wants to call themselves “slave” in a way to pay homage to the unfortunate third world individuals who built their Switch or iPhone or other favorite electronic of the world? How inconsiderate of Nintendo to ban “slave”.

      1. I don’t blame, the term is very unfamiliar in other countries. I believe brazilians even say it as a laughing term, kinda like “lol”

  2. Well, those are just stupid to have as your username anyways.
    There was a player named Adolf Crittler in Guild Wars 2 that was banned (or made to switch names).
    The name was hilarious, especially since the character was the tiny critter race.

  3. Never been a fan of that ACAB slogan. Generalizing cops is just as bad as judging someone for the color of their skin. Blame the system, not every individual in the group.

    1. It’s not remotely as bad as judging somebody for the color of their skin. Being a police officer is a job that grants you a great deal of power over others, being black is something someone is born into. For the former is optional, the latter is not.

      1. It’s bad because you know nothing about the person’s character. We need people with that sort of power otherwise there would be chaos and anarchy at all times. I hear stories of people not giving a police officer a discount at certain places because they see their badge, and all sorts of different ways of treating them poorly just because they’re a cop when know nothing about them, and saying it’s an option to be a cop is not justification for saying they’re a bastard or treating them like crap. Your words and actions are an option just like the words and actions are of any person in any position, and you’re just as bad as the people you’re fighting against if you generalize instead of judging the individual.

        1. No we absolutely do no need people with the sort of power that police officers have and who gives a shit if a police officer doesn’t get a discount on something, that pales in comparison to the actual murders and theft committed by police that go without adequate punishment.

          1. We do. If nobody enforced the laws then there’d be no reason to abide by them. How many people do you know of that commit online piracy because there’s nobody who cares enough to enforce the law? Now think of stuff like traffic laws, buying stuff at places like the grocery store, or any other crime. It’d be way easier to get away with crimes if it was up to society to take care of these people, and I feel like people who try to make the argument of abolishing the police entirely are drastically underestimating the amount of people who would take advantage of a lawless society.

          2. Ignoring the laws that are too small for normal people to care about, I can also see this turning very bad for your average citizen too. All you have to do is look at Twitter and see how people gang up on a person if there’s some sort of accusation. A lot of those accusations are true, but what happens if there turns out to be a false accusation? On the internet, being accused is just as bad as being guilty since too many people are willing to take peoples’ word for it and not bother looking further into things, and even if the court decides the person is innocent you’ll still find plenty of people still acting like the person did it. I imagine this is how our society would turn out if you take cops out of the equation, people would just use mob mentality without thinking things through, and how things are handled would be utter chaos.

          3. And lastly, police murdering and stealing should definitely be addressed, they should be upheld to the same standard that ordinary citizens do under the law. The solution is NOT to abolish the police, whether it be in the radical sense or otherwise. How people should approach the problem is changing policies like getting rid of the blue wall of silence and giving a thorough investigation of every report, looking at every cop’s decisions on the individual rather than generalizing all of them. The only reason why cops are able to get away with what they do is because they feel like they’re above the law, and with the way the system is set up now that is the case and that should not fly. If we get rid of the cops in a radical sense, what makes you think that people won’t feel like they’re above the law and try to get away with things like the bad cops do?

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