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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles original composer and vocalist talk about returning for Remastered Edition

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition for Nintendo Switch and other platforms released not too long ago and thanks to Nintendo Everything, the original vocalist and two composers have given an interesting insight about returning to the game all these years later. NE got to talk with Kumi Tanioka and Hidenori Iwasaki as well as English vocalist and game narrator Donna Burke prior to the games’ release. They touch on subjects such as the original inspiration for the OST, teaming up with Burke again and the importance of keeping the fans happy. Here is a extract from the interview, but you can read the full conversation here.

As one of the most iconic soundtracks in the Final Fantasy collection, were you afraid to make any changes so as not to upset fans? 

KT: That’s definitely something I wanted to absolutely avoid, so any changes were made with the utmost consideration in that regard. On the other hand, both the game and the soundtrack also include tracks that haven’t been changed at all.

HI: It’s a great honor to know that this is one of the soundtracks that has been supported by so many fans. We felt strongly about not disappointing our fans as well, so “how can we change things while making it feel as though nothing at all changed” is something we kept in mind while working on the soundtrack with utmost care.  


4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles original composer and vocalist talk about returning for Remastered Edition”

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  2. Any word on Bravely Default II? They said back in Late February that the game was to be released sometime in 2020. I hope they aint lied. But software and hardware devlopers have been lying all year though. I better get use to it.

    1. I wouldn’t expect it this year. The demo got some pretty bad feedback about the changes they made. I’m really hoping they’re overhauling the battle system to make it more like the originals.

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