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No More Heroes creator says “no comment” when asked about Travis in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Goichi Suda, the creator of the No More Heroes series, has long wanted Travis Touchdown to appear in the Super Smash Bros series. However, when he was recently asked again by Switch Player magazine he said “That’s gonna be a big ‘no comment’ from me!’ It is strange that he is now saying no comment he had previously said he would “love” to see Travis appear in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. We shall have to wait and see whether Travis joins the battle.

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  1. I’ve not played “No More Heroes” but I have to admit; I’d be fine for Travis Touchdown to be in the game.

  2. No idea who this guy is, so that’d be another pass for me. Though at this point I’m not sure who’d hype me as, we already got frickin’ Banjo! :D

  3. Make it happen! So many trash characters have already been added with the first pass. Travis is a definite purchase from me, though probably only him and not the second pass in its entirety.

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