Pokemon smartphone

Sensor Tower: Pokemon GO made over one billion dollars from player spending in 2020, best year ever

Data analytics firm Sensor Tower is reporting that the hit smartphone title Pokemon GO is still resonating with Pokemon fans in 2020. The company estimates that player spending over the past 10 months in the augmented reality game is over one billion dollars and lifetime revenue is over four billion dollars. This would mean that Pokemon GO is on track to record its best year ever, which will please both Niantic, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo. Here are the top three countries in 2020 for player spending in the app:

  1. USA: $1.5 billion — 36.3% of total spending.
  2. Japan: $1.3 billion 31.3% of the total,
  3. Germany: $238.6 million or 5.7%.

Pokemon GO is currently the third biggest mobile game worldwide after PUBG and Honor of Kings by Tencent. Total revenue by platform is the following:

  1. Google Play: 2.2 billion or 53.4% of total revenues
  2. App Store: $1.9 billion or 46.6%



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