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Velan Studios and Nintendo want to continue exploring the technology behind Mario Kart Live

Velan Studios recently released Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit blends trending augmented reality technology and the real world around us to create something truly special. The creative team at Velan Studios and Nintendo have spoken to technology publication CNET about the thoroughly ambitious project which started early development back in mid-2017. Both companies say they are very excited to explore what’s possible with the ambitious new tech in the years ahead stating that, “It’s a rich new paradigm to explore in the future.”

 “The breakthrough technology is that we’ve fundamentally decoupled the camera and sensors from the host device (the Nintendo Switch system), which unlocks all sorts of new possibilities. It’s a rich new paradigm to explore in the future!”

“I believe that in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, it’s possible to see the Nintendo philosophy of developing new, unique integrated hardware-software entertainment,” Nintendo’s Tamori added. This isn’t Nintendo’s first hardware experiment, in other words, and it won’t be the last.



  1. I sense we could be seeing more games from Velan Studios and Nintendo.

    Maybe a Camera Con that you can slide onto the right hand side of the switch and use the camera in front or rear facing view to play a game like Luigi’s Mansion or they could team up to make something for VR and expand on Labo VR

  2. “Decoupling” the camera and sensors from the Switch could mean stronger/more stable blue tooth connection for larger courses.

  3. How about they make more units of Mario Kart Live??? Since it appears they only produced about 3 units for the entire population on this planet.

    It is sad. They took years to develop MKL and only had enough copies for pre-orders. Now SOLD OUT. And Nintendo can’t tell us if they are making more units or not.

    I miss 1990’s NINTENDO. That’s when they were on top of their game.

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