Amazon and Nintendo team up to randomly ship products in Mario-themed boxes

Nintendo has announced on My Nintendo missions that it has teamed up with Amazon in North America to deliver products with Super Mario Bros branded boxes for packaging. The boxes are dispatched completely at random for whatever online goods you purchase from Amazon and are only available in limited quantities. The company states that intentionally purchasing Nintendo products via Amazon will not increase your possibility of receiving a Super Mario Bros branded box.

“If you order from Amazon this November, your package may be delivered in a Super Mario Bros. ™ branded box. Note that the Super Mario Bros. branded Amazon boxes are in limited quantity and will be used randomly, while supplies last. Purchasing Nintendo products will not increase the possibility of receiving a Super Mario Bros. branded box.”


  1. I honestly don’t know if this is such a good idea. It could confuse some people who are getting things completely unrelated to video games and maybe make them think they’ve got the wrong thing before opening the box.

  2. Heads up but part 2 of the mario missions on mario anniversary site is up, one of their missions requires you visit nintendo amazon and click on the small trivia

  3. I can see idiots buying multiple items, all separate just to have some bigger chance of getting a Mario box. Ain’t gon be fun for the people that package Amazon’s shit.

    Sad thing NIntendo is also giving money to Amazon… We should not be supporting Amazon…

  4. I won a switch Device during the month of October and I was wondering when I would be getting it. thank you

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