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Immortals Fenyx Rising graphics comparison between Switch & PS5

Immortals Fenyx Rising is out next month via Ubisoft and it is heading to the Nintendo Switch system. GameXplain have managed to get their hands on the PlayStation 5 version and also the Switch version and have produced a comparison video to show the difference between the two versions of the open world adventure game. As you can see from the video below it’s of course the PlayStation 5 version which has come out on top with a much smoother frame-rate and more foliage (as expected). The Switch version doesn’t look too bad though, but there does seem to be some obvious issues regarding the frame-rate. . Immortals Fenyx Rising is out on 3rd December.

8 thoughts on “Immortals Fenyx Rising graphics comparison between Switch & PS5”

  1. Switch version is definitely more misty. Idk about everyone else but that adds to my mythological sense of the game, such mystery, such wonder, such blurred and mysterious draw distances lol s/

    In all honesty though I’m happy this is on switch because I would not play it otherwise

  2. The fact that we have a full next gen game in the same 3 years old system is astounding…

    Keep in mind how forgotten was the Wii U. Personally, i don’t think that nintendo would make the same mistake again.

    The flexibility of the platform is key for the developers to work on it. Let’s hope that the next systems mantain that approach.

  3. Both versions look great. Though I do prefer the more crisp look of the PS5 version. Also on the PS5 version, I can see blades of grass more clearly. On the Switch version, a lot of the patches of grass look like they’re just smudged patches on the ground. Still, both look good.

  4. Everyone expected the PS5 version’s graphics to blow the Switch out of the water. That’s exactly what happened.

    However, it is fantastic to see these next generation games coming to Switch. Plus, I am not sure if I am picking up a PS5 this year. Maybe next year.

  5. I’m more interested in the framerate to be honest, Ubisoft isn’t well know for doing good optimization but time will tell i guess…

  6. How many times you would say the game looks better on the PS5?
    Now how many time larger it PS5 to Switch? How many times can you take your PS5 with you when leaving the four walls containing the console against Switch?

    Just think these kind of comparisons are kind of stupid, as the two devices are completely different in nature.
    Like comparing Duracell battery to potato, effectively they can do about the same thing, but both have their own appliances.

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