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Rumour: Nintendo UK support apparently said the Switch dock is now discontinued

The Nintendo Switch dock has apparently been out of stock for quite a while now in the United Kingdom and today a Reddit user reached out to the company to find out when it will be available again. The user received a response from the Nintendo Official UK Store who told him that the Nintendo Switch dock has now been discontinued. This is clearly a strange decision by Nintendo, but it could further hint to the rumour that the company is planning an updated Switch for early 2021. This remains a rumour at present.

“Dear Saeed40,

Thank you for contacting us and placing an enquiry.

A member of our Nintendo Customer Support Team has looked into your enquiry and added a response.

For your records, your original query was:

When will the Switch dock set be available for purchase again? The product has been out of stock for some time in the UK whereas the US, Japan and Europe has been available since the product’s release. Can the dock be available once again, it’s important for us as users to want to be able to have a Switch dock in every room that has a TV. a dock for traveling or just as a backup.

After further investigation, we can confirm the following:

Dear Saeed,

Thanks for getting in contact with Nintendo.

I am really sorry but we have discontinued the Nintendo Switch Dock Set in the UK, therefore our UK Store will no longer stock this on our site.

I apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused.

If you require any further information or assistance, please feel free to contact a member of our support team via your account.

Kind Regards,


Nintendo Official UK Store”

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19 thoughts on “Rumour: Nintendo UK support apparently said the Switch dock is now discontinued”

  1. Mmmm this is very strange honestly. The dock itself should be sold separately. I don’t know why its going to be discontinued suddenly, but this might be a coincidence possibly.

    1. This seems incredibly unlikely. Thats be like if Nintendo has stopped manufacturing DS stylus’ half way through the ds life cycle. Unless they’re were making a new standard that coat the exact same as the old it makes no sense. I’ll beileve it when there’s official word.

  2. Thankfully I have a spare dock from where my first Switch was stolen. They didn’t take the dock so when Insurance replaced it I ended up with a spare dock. It’s nice to be able to quickly switch between TVs without moving the dock. Seems a bit silly to discontinue the dock here.

    1. I wonder if it is because they are making a new and improve dock. If that’s true I hope they actually have a LAN port built in this time.

  3. “Audi customer support, how can I help you?”
    “Well, the lock on my car’s door broke, and I just bought it last year.”
    “unfortunately this item has been discontinued, but you can always buy a new car. Thank you for your understanding”

    1. I imagine if your dock physically broke it’d be covered under warranty or replaced? Only place I see this being an issue is if someone wants more than one dock per system. Which I can’t imagine is many but, the option should be there.

    2. They would fix a broken dock. This is the equivalent of wanted to order two new side doors to put on the roof of your car.

  4. Okay, judging from the wording here, I would say it’s referring to stand alone sales for the dock. The response refers to the product as “Nintendo Switch Dock Set” which, at least to me, implies it’s referring to when you buy the dock and all the necessary wires.
    I’m pretty sure it will still be sold alongside actual Nintendo Switch systems, I mean we are in the middle of a pandemic so I’d imagine they don’t have enough manpower to cover making the consoles as well as stand alone docks.

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