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Okami HD sold 600,000 copies on Nintendo Switch

The recent Capcom leaks have revealed the total sales figures for the beloved Okami HD. If you are wondering which platform the game sold best on, it was the Nintendo Switch. A hefty 600,000 copies were shifted via the Nintendo Switch eShop. Here’s how the classic platformer sold on other platforms:

  1. Switch – 600,000
  2. PC – 536,000
  3. PS3 – 529,000
  4. PS4 – 445,000
  5. Xbox One – 121,000

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6 thoughts on “Okami HD sold 600,000 copies on Nintendo Switch”

    1. Xbots as our friend Metroid reaver calls them, just do not buy good games. Xbox gamers mostly do not understand and value a good 😌 game. It has to be a mindless shooter or sports title for them to buy. Even then, the PlayStation still has more people that buy those hyper excited games. People buy the Xbox like the buy their cars 🚙. It is a brand loyalty thing I guess. Always buy quality before mass produced quantity. The reason I go Nintendo, then PC or PlayStation. Reason all these Japanese game makers are now producing and creating Switch designed from the base to apel apex games. Rise to resident evil revelations 3.


  1. I’ve played this game through twice and never finish that last boss , that is the most tedious thing on the level of MegaMan type endbosses lol

    I’m happy to see it doing well. Now bring us a sequel and no okamiden doesn’t count

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