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The Game Awards 2020 pre-show will feature five world premieres

The Game Awards creator Geoff Keighley has announced this evening that Sydnee Goodman, who is the host and producer at video game channel IGN, will return as The Game Awards pre-show host on Thursday. Geoff went on to reveal that there will be five world premieres featured in the pre-show and also a special musical performance to listen to. You can tune into The Game Awards 2020 pre-show at 3.30pm PT / 11.30pm GMT.

11 thoughts on “The Game Awards 2020 pre-show will feature five world premieres”

  1. Great I only sit through the cringe so that I can see the game announcements honestly lol

    Love the games and developers just not fond of fake overly acted shows.

  2. Oh I can’t wait to watch Vin Diesel pretending to love videogames so much when he presents another awful Fast and Furious game.
    If I have to sit through that kinda bullcrap again to see premieres of another World of Warcraft animatic I would rather just have the event’s schedule leaked online.

  3. Metroid Prime 4? Nah… Nintendo would save that for a Direct. But they could announce Metroid Prime Trilogy. However, I doubt that anything first party will be announced. More likely, something big but third party will be shown. And a Smash fighter is likely too.

    They probably won’t say anything about the BOTW sequel or the pretty much confirmed Switch Pro either.

  4. The day I sit through this garbage will be when hell freezes over. They can tease as much stuff as they want but I’ll just watch any relevant trailers afterwards

  5. Blows my mind to how this “Award Show” still manages to stick around.
    TGA is a rigged uninteresting mess, the announcements are almost always boring as all hell, the nominees often make no sense (Seriously how is Among Us, a 2018 game in the running for best game of 2020?), and the show itself is just a cringefest. The only decent thing we’ve ever had is Joker’s reveal for Smash but let’s be real, Nintendo only did that to promote the game since it was coming out literally the next day!

    1. This is a quote from the Game Awards website, “ Games released in previous years are eligible in all award categories, so long as the jury feels their inclusion is merited due to new content, improvements or service updates.”

      So that is likely how Among Us qualifies this year despite being a 2018 game.

    2. I was in line to get my preordered copy when the news broke. A bunch of men starting shouting outside the store and then came in and said “IT’S JOKER!! JOKER’S THE FIRST DLC!!” “JOKER FROM PERSONA 5!! DUDE! THIS MEANS THERE’S GONNA BE PERSONA MUSIC IN SMASH!!”

      I looked it up right then and, sure enough, first headline: Smash Ultimate’s First Fighter’s Pass DLC will be Joker from Persona 5. I might not have seen it live, but I got excited just from hearing about it.

  6. Will have to catch the trailers afterward. I’ve tried to support this show by sitting through it in the past but I always have to question why the heck I did that after lol. If I’m not working that night I’ll be playing Hyrule Warriors 😋

  7. And I’m willing to bet NONE of them will be Nintendo titles, even though among the console makers, they’re the ones that need to show something the most. Outside of BotW2 and Metroid Prime 4- both of which we’ve seen practically nothing of- we know of NOTHING else that’s in the works. What are the statuses of Prime 4 and BotW2? Is there maybe another Super Mario title in the works besides a Deluxe port of 3D World? Are we finally going to see a return of F-Zero (the thing I want most)?

    This is an opportunity for Nintendo to finally give us something to praise them for among all the criticism they’ve brewed lately, like shutting down the online Melee tournament (I get that it isn’t exactly legal, but in a year like this where gathering is generally unsafe and using a mod with online is the safest way to hold the competition, they really should’ve let it go this time). I think their stubbornness is going to bite them back hard over the next year, if it hasn’t already.

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