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N & Zekrom coming to Pokemon Masters EX on 24th December, plus update available

Pokemon Masters EX has received an update today on iOS and Android devices with numerous changes to the game. DeNA, the developers behind Pokemon Masters EX, have also announced that N & Zekrom will be coming to the Pokemon smartphone game as the next legendary Sync Pair on Thursday, 24th December. The characters, from Pokemon Black & White on Nintendo DS, will also be commemorated with a special event which will run until Tuesday, 12th January. Check out the new trailer in the tweet below!


    1. Canonically Zekrom is the Pokémon representing ideals, which N strives for, and in the first of the two versions, Black, N has Zekrom, so Reshiram wouldn’t make sense.

      Personally I played White though and more associate Reshiram with him, but Zekrom is more correct really. Oh well.

  1. N is a great character regardless if he has Zekrom, Reshiram or a weather team. Avery on the other hand is trash because he replaced Klara. #BurnInHellAvery

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