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Most discussed games, best-selling games, boxed vs. digital data & more revealed in 2020 report

As the curtains close on a very different year, 2020 has been a strong year for gaming with the industry providing quality content across all platforms as we’ve all stayed home. With the introduction of next generation consoles, Nintendo showing support for its immensely popular Switch console and the industry once again pulling in big numbers sales wise, it’s a good time to look back on some numbers. Thankfully, has collated a very handy (and large) infographic showing some interesting figures for a variety of topics. From best-selling games in the US, to the best metacritic scores, there’s a ton of info to look at.

Unsurprisingly, Animal Crossing: New Horizons gets a top spot in best-selling games and Nintendo dominates the charts in Japan but the Kyoto-based company falls short when it comes to securing a space in the top trailers or livestream categories.

Here’s a couple of snapshots but you can check out the full info graphic below:

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