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Official DOOM Twitter account shares cute ‘Happy New Horizons’ photo

One of the good things that came out of 2020 along with a plethora of great video games across all platforms, was the buzz around the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and DOOM Eternal. Both games shared the same release date and thanks to the internet, a flood of memes and fan made artwork quickly appeared to celebrate the occasion. It would seem that the social media team which runs the official DOOM Twitter account has had some fun and posted a cute photo of Doom Guy and Isabelle holding hands with the caption ‘Happy New Horizons’.

Of course, the comment section is littered with Smash Bros. wishes and the like, but still, it’s great to see such a huge franchise harness internet fame with a simple yet effective photo to celebrate the start of a new year in a fun way.

Nintendo in true Nintendo fashion hasn’t done anything similar (yet). Maybe this year will be the year when the Big N’s social media team will embrace memes and trends… one can only hope!


8 thoughts on “Official DOOM Twitter account shares cute ‘Happy New Horizons’ photo”

  1. I think the doom guy is actually whispering in Isabelle’s ear saying “ the switch version of my game will be several months yet and it’ll be digital only” lol

      1. Nintendo’s intellectual properties are priceless though. We can have a doom guy easily replaced. Isabelle and company are amazing with little to no effort needed. The only thing we need from Nintendo is amazing games as always and constant yet affordable upgrades to their systems. Not their devotion and love like its the 1990s relationships.


      2. Yeah except they won’t nintendo is already aware of isabelle/doom guy dynamic, just like their aware of bowsette, they defintely won’t be interacting/intefering.

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