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Rumour: Centro Pokemon says Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remakes coming to Nintendo Switch this year

It would seem as though this year’s Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch are the 2006 Nintendo DS titles, Pokemon Diamond & Pokemon Pearl. The news comes from Centro Pokémon who are generally known to be reliable for leaks. Both Pokemon Diamond & Pokemon Pearl for the Nintendo Switch will be remakes presumably using the Pokemon Sword & Shield engine. This year is the landmark 25th anniversary.

23 thoughts on “Rumour: Centro Pokemon says Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remakes coming to Nintendo Switch this year”

  1. If Avery, Hop, Allister, Gordie, Hau, or Tierno are on these games then no buy for me. I hated the gym leaders on sword and shield who replaced attractive females except for Bede replacing Opal. The others are my least favorite rivals.

    1. You dislike Avery too. Gamefreak did shield players dirty. Klara should have been on both games. #KlaraIsBetterThanAvery

  2. I really hope this game doesn’t come out this year, if sw&sh are anything to go by game freak needs more development time.

  3. Is there any chance that someone else other than Game Freak makes them? GF hasn’t made a great Pokemon game since B2W2.

  4. Oh god please GameFreak dont let it even remind sword & shield. Or ultra sun and moon. Or just sun and moon. Or X and Y.

      1. Allow me to clarify, y’all must have forgot that the Let’s Go games are based off of Yellow Version and had many things that made those games, taken out or straight up changed.

        While yeah sure its “kanto” by association, it’s nothing comparable to the actual idea of a remake of Red and Blue version updated with all the new features and connectivity that newer iterations have had.

        So like I was saying which still stands, never had a proper remake of Red and Blue.

        Deal with it.

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