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HITMAN 3 (cloud version) arrives on Nintendo Switch 20th January

IO Interactive has announced that HITMAN 3 will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch system on 20th January. It won’t be a traditional edition as instead it will be a cloud streaming version, which makes sense given its graphical prowess. Pricing for the game hasn’t been announced as of yet, but it will most likely be the same pricing as other cloud games on the Nintendo Switch.

“HITMAN 3 is the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy and takes players around the world on a globetrotting adventure to sprawling sandbox locations. Agent 47 returns as a ruthless professional for the most important contracts of his entire career.”

12 thoughts on “HITMAN 3 (cloud version) arrives on Nintendo Switch 20th January”

    1. Seriously… after watching the trailer, I am very disappointed in the quality of the visuals. Animations look stiff and it generally feels very dated. Making a cloud version of this is simply ridiculous. Learn from Panic Button or don’t bother… maybe in this case… don’t bother!!!

      1. To be fair the series was always like this but the Switch version is worse though if it plays well on the cloud I might consider investing into it.

  1. Hot Take: I’m excited to play this after playing Control Stream Version, I feel confident this game will run just fine on the Switch via the streaming service. People need to realize that some games just can’t run on the Switch, unless you want Hitman 3p Res the video game at 10fps

    1. Chris, the point here is that I couldn’t care less, if Hitman was released on Switch or not. As mentioned before, I think the visuals are dated and the animation stiff and this is simply embarassing for a game releasing in 2021. The port of Doom Eternal is phenomenal on Switch, so don’t tell me newer games can’t be ported. What IO needs is a healthy shot of PANIC BUTTON and not this lazy attitude. Hell, I wouldn’t even touch this with a pitchfork on PS5 or Series X.

      1. Soooo why bother crying about it?
        You’re wasting your life crying about a game that you weren’t going to buy in the first place, seems like you just want to cry and moan about a game to feel better about your own insecurities

      2. Also, you do realize that Hitman is a very CPU intensive game and is Semi-Open maps with up to 100+ NPCs whilst Doom Eternal is stylized and linear with fewer Enemies on screen at once.

        Hitman wouldn’t run on the Switch and I feel you’re trying to find issue with the game mainly because it’s not running natively on the Switch, which is kind of petty

  2. Chris, I’m not crying or moaning… just stating the obvious. Mediocre game design and lazyness is not something I would waste my hard earned money on. Witcher 3, Doom Eternal… ha, and an old game like Assassin’s Creed Black Flag all look and play much better… on the Switch even. Don’t lecture me with your internet knowledge about CPU-speed. I’ve been gaming since the 70’s and I know quite a bit about tech-stuff.
    How come you accuse me of all sorts of things just because I speak my mind? last time I checked, we had free speech. But interestingly it seems I struck a sensible nerve here… it seems you get emotional/upset if someone doesn’t share your point of view. That’s actually sad. Maybe you are an IO employee trying to defend the below average work being done there… who knows, but nevertheless, I stand by my belief… IO could have done SO much better.

    1. The fact you replied like that basically shows me that you are indeed upset and sad to say (For You) I’m not upset about your “opinion” but rather pointing out your petty accuse and it really does seem you’re desperate to find some accuse to bash on the game without actually playing the game or actually seeing the game.

      Good luck with your life, if a game like Hitman 3 Cloud Edition, makes you cry

      1. HAHA, Chris, you should consider working in entertainment… you are really funny. I am not upset at all, just disappointed… and I am certainly NOT wasting my tears on mediocrity like Hitman 3. :D Luckily, there are so many other excellent games out there, where developers have put time and effort into something and made it truly amazing.
        But Chris, you ARE upset… otherwise you wouldn’t verbally abuse me like this. You started being offensive just because I spoke my mind. I feel really sorry for you. Maybe the corona lockdown has taken too much of a toll on you. How about going for a walk to cool off a bit?!
        Anyway, I sincerely wish YOU very good luck with YOUR life and I hope you get to enjoy many more games in your lifetime.

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