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Tekken producer says he would like to work on Pokken Tournament 2, but it’s down to Nintendo and Pokemon Company

Famed Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada was asked by a fan on Twitter whether his team would be open to returning to the Pokemon franchise for a sequel to the popular Pokken Tournament on the Wii U and Nintendo Switch. Mr. Harada said that the team have a great relationship with both Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, so he would be happy to work on a sequel. However, he says it would ultimately be down to The Pokemon Company and Nintendo to give the green light on the project.

13 thoughts on “Tekken producer says he would like to work on Pokken Tournament 2, but it’s down to Nintendo and Pokemon Company”

  1. Imagine if they combined pokken combat with an open world style, Or action adventure… Of course all 900 pokemon wouldn’t be playable but a couple good ones.

    Ahhhh Who am I kidding that would make too much sense

  2. How about an actual Tekken too? I would be pleased with enhanced port of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, for 30-40 €/$. I’m sure it would be profitable this time (on Wii U sold badly), it’s totally different situation now, so much larger install base and porting would be even cheaper this time. Not going to happen, would be pretty cool though, it’s a great game.

  3. I was one of them few who bought tekken tag 2 on the wii u. Absolutely loved it. But they need a switch version. Doesnt have to be tekken 7 though could maybe be a tekken tag 3. With tekken force and tekken bowl please

  4. yes please. this game was so great. could use some work for a second game. but so many more Pokémon to use. also with detective Pikachu out. i think they could center the graphics around that style since they were already going more realistic.

  5. AveryShouldHaveBeenACuteGirl53

    I hated how that damn Mewtwo locked me out of tournaments until I defeated him. He was unfairly difficult. I don’t want another Jinpachi/Akuma like character locking me out of game modes. I want a very easy mode that does not lie.

  6. How about adding an actual Arcade Mode (like the arcade port) and then we’ll talk.

    Instead of the bullshit Ferrum League repetition where you rebattle multiples of the same opponent until you increase in rank.

    Imagine if Street Fighter or actual Tekken had your first 3-5 battles consist of Ryu and Chun-Li or Jin and Law, before anyone else, and before the process repeats itself.

    A “2D perspective mode” (instead of moving around the stage) would also be nice.

  7. A sequel would indeed be nice to see. Pokken Tournament is possibly the best-looking Pokemon game in the franchise (spin-off wise, that is).

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