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Rumour: Resident Evil Revelations 3 will apparently be a Switch timed exclusive

Video games industry insider Dusk Golem is reporting on Twitter that Capcom has a Nintendo Switch Resident Evil timed-exclusive in the works and it will be announced by the company soon. The game is reportedly titled Resident Evil Outrage and was previously titled Resident Evil Revelations 3. The Resident Evil franchise is fast approaching its 25th anniversary and a new Netflix series was recently announced as well as Resident Evil Village for other platforms. Resident Evil Outrage will be using Capcom’s RE Engine for Switch which is being used for another game due out soon, Monster Hunter Rise. Dusk Golem expects the game to launch late this year or early 2022.


  1. I need super street fighter 4 for Nintendo switch. I want it to be a digital download in the united states. I have the 3ds version but I also want it on Nintendo switch.

  2. I love the Revelations offshoot series. It got me into the Resident Evil series as a whole. I am looking forward to a third installment!

  3. Wasn’t a big fan of the revelations games as they felt like barebones versions of mainline resi but if this one has moved away from being part of that series then it could be good.

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