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Insider says the Switch Pro supports Nvidia DLSS upscaling and 4K, should be coming this year

It has been rumoured for quite some time now that Nintendo is working on a more powerful version of its popular Nintendo Switch system which has gained the moniker of the Switch Pro. Nintendo hasn’t announced or confirmed anything, but Reset Era member and known industry insider Nate Drake has commented on its existence and is reasonably confident it will be coming this year. The insider says that the Switch Pro will be feature DLSS (Deep learning super sampling) which is a resolution upscaling tool from Nvidia and it also supports 4K resolution when the Switch is presumably docked.

“Won’t really talk more about the tech specs than I have. It has DLSS & it has 4k functionality. No reason to go deeper than that right now. That’s enough to illustrate the device is a meaningful upgrade. First party support with span the new hardware and current Switch for at least a couple of years. We were shown as much yesterday & I talked about it on my latest podcast.”

Nate Drake

“Let’s say I’m confident it gets announced this year.

A delay to 2022 would need to be communicated in the next few months, as dev kits and third-party partners begin to plan software for the device. As of this very moment (Feb 18, 2021), I believe the hope remains for a 2021 launch.”


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41 thoughts on “Insider says the Switch Pro supports Nvidia DLSS upscaling and 4K, should be coming this year”

    1. That doesn’t make sense. That could only be the case if they were making games exclusive for the pro while neglecting the base model. I doubt Nintendo would be dumb enought to alienate the entire switch install base when only a percentage of people would upgrade when they already have a console. Also, Nintendo said why the game wasn’t at the direct.

      1. Yes it does, having a big game to show off on a new model, marketing it as the best way to play it is a good strategy. It wouldn’t be a Switch Pro exclusive, just launch on the same date. Switch Lite launched alongside Link’s Awakening. Just because they said something in a Direct doesn’t mean it is necessarily true.

      2. I understand what you’re saying, and that is true if BoTW2 was exclusive for the new NS model, but consider this, the 3DS had Hyrule Warriors, but didn’t it look and play better on the new 3DS?. Nintendo’s new system will likely be backward compatible just as the Wii was to GC, 3DS to DS, GBA to GBC, and GB. Yet I think we’re just getting an announcement, if anything at all, I doubt the new NS system will debut this year. I’m thinking March 2022 along with BoTW2, just as the NS and BoTW were released on March 3, 3017.

    2. @DV412 Nah Hyrule Warriors was made for the base model. So even if it were played on a New 3DS, it wuldnt change anything graphically. BUT it wuld improve fps and increase enemy count on screen at one time. (also loading times were slightly reduced.)

  1. Or these “insiders” guys come just be talking shit to attract attention to their articles….well they have a whole year to be proven wrong so 50/50

    1. Nate Drake has demonstrated on several occasions to have some sort of inside knowledge. There is a big difference between randomers on 4Chan “leaking” a Direct schedule, and people talking who have made several specific correct predictions in the past. The reason you take this with a pinch of salt is not because of trustworthiness of the source, but because Nintendo’s plans can always change, especially with stuff that isn’t even announced. That’s also why a few wrong’uns do not necessarily discredit a source.

    2. This type of data has also been data mined from the firmware files by homebrew developers, it seems there is already suggestion in the code about a new model with an integrated upscaler.

  2. I’m hopeful it’s for this year. Would really like to replay some games with better performance. Don’t really care about 4k and all that but stable fps and draw distance and texture popups needs some help on the more intensive games. We’ll see how much of a performance boost it receives.

    Xenoblade 2 is one that could benefit, I didn’t finish it and have been wanting to get back in.

    1. I’ve been wanting to get back into Xenoblade Chronicles X myself. Imagine how that game would look on an 4K Switch Pro remake.

    2. Yea I know everyone hates on switch getting all the wii u ports but man I’ve been begging for that one since the switch launch 3 years ago lol

      If they were to put that in 4k on switch it would be epic !

  3. I got a day one switch and the battery life alone is killing me, I need a new switch, and I aint buying a new one unless it a pro model. I hope Nintendo announces this soon

  4. I’ll believe it when there’s an official announcement. Been seeing these rumors more or less every year since the Switch’s launch. At this point it’s just more clickbait.

  5. A friend of a friend of a friend of my next door neighbor told me that the Switch Pro will have 9 multilevel RAM cores as well as 6 DDRAM drives and 16 rungs.

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  7. I can imagine 4K support being a thing with a new model, and even games being upscaled to 4K with DLSS. BUT NO GAME THAT ISN’T CANDY CRUSH WILL RUN 4K NATIVELY ON THE NEW MODEL! There’s a simple reason for that: It would take massively more powerful hardware for that, which will lead to developers porting new games to the Switch that run at 720p on the new model and look like ARK Survival on the current one (or don’t run at all).

  8. I’d bet money that, should this turn out to be true, we’ll absolutely be seeing Breath of the Wild 2 launch alongside it. Bet that’s why we didn’t see anything of it at the Direct, despite more than enough time having passed for them to show us SOMETHING – they aren’t ready to show off the Switch Pro just yet, so they’re waiting.

    It also makes me wonder if this is the reason we only saw games launching in the first half of the year. I know they usually like to reveal stuff that’s only coming in the foreseeable future, but since some of the titles simply said Summer 2021, that argument holds less water for me this time around!

  9. Yea I’ll believe it when I see it. Maybe they’ll put out a more efficient model, with some slight tweaks to allow for greater draw distances and such. But an all out “more powerful” system that could handle games that the current switch couldn’t, I’ve given up on that idea.

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  11. Welp, it won’t be long until we see what they have to offer for the updated version of the system. I mean it’s just going to have the same features just like to he original switch. But the pro is going to have a better memory and battery life.

  12. You know Sickr, these rumours are getting out of hand ’cause every time it’s rumoured like last year when they said the Switch Pro was coming out, or even back in 2019 it was rumoured that year too. :/

    *sigh* I hate rumours ’cause most of the time it never happens, sometimes they do happen, so, therefore, I hate rumours ’cause when the rumours aren’t true that the Switch Pro is coming this year, then our hopes all for nothing… :(

    That’s why we shouldn’t be depending on rumours, besides, people are making rumours just to get everybody hyped all for nothing if it doesn’t come true… besides, it’s attention-seeking, clickbait, for ’em… :|

    But don’t get me wrong, I do want an upgraded Switch anytime soon, I think it should come out for next year in 2022 on its 5th anniversary, that will be sweet. :)

    By then, we will finally have it in our hands anytime soon! :D

    p.s. Whatever the upgraded Switch will be called if it’s Switch Pro, New Switch, Super Switch, or Switch Plus, whatever whenever it will be called, we’ll just have to wait and find out when it comes, I can’t wait to find out anytime soon. :)

  13. Makes me think Metroid Prime 4 will be one of the featured games for this rumored “Switch Pro”. (I’m going to call it the Switch+)

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  16. What most need to understand is DLSS only works on RTX chips.. Ampere (30X) and Turing (20X). This is the best tech for Nintendo and the switch model. All they need is a custom version of the 2060 or 3060 chip and they can do DLSS up to 4k without having serious raw graphical horsepower.

    When Nvidia announced DLSS 2.0, it was a no brainer for Nintendo. I expect the dock to be more than just a cable hub and have hardware that will enable the switch get the 4k boost.

    i dont have a switch cos i have been waiting for an updated version. This year or next year… it will come

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