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Japan: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has sold out on Amazon Japan due to the recent Smash Bros DLC announcement

The recent Super Smash Bros announcement that both Pyra and Mythra will be added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate as downloadable content in March has caused a massive spike in sales of the well-received JRPG game on Amazon Japan with the game promptly selling out. The announcement caused many Japanese Nintendo Switch owners wanting to experience the lengthy and riveting game themselves and unravel the story within. Sales of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 also spiked in the United States with sales of the game on popular online retailer Amazon running very low. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 released back in 2017 and we awarded the game 8.5.


26 thoughts on “Japan: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has sold out on Amazon Japan due to the recent Smash Bros DLC announcement”

    1. I’ve been wanting to play XC2 due to my high levels of love I have to XC:DE, but I read is not as good as the latter. Will give it a go nonetheless.

      1. Jack Dawson, it is very very good. Xenoblade Chronicles is the final fantasy we needed. It’s hard to top that. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 though is a lengthy and joyous RPG. Buy both, you shall be very pleased.


      2. its a good game, but comparing XC to XC2 is comparing a 10/10 to a 7.5 or 8/10. XC2 is a good game and if you’re interested id recommend it, but it not as good as XC1

      3. Nope, the second entry is just as good as the first, but the settings and the storytelling/ambience is almost completely different. If you don’t like the new style it is fine,but do not sell it as a truth

      4. @Mattew F. Hard disagree. XC2 isn’t written nearly as well, both in terms of story and characters(Rex couldnt be a more boring MC, and I’m glad they made the choice to ditch him in favor of pyrha/mythra). The gatcha system sucks and the game would be better if it were straight up taken out. The gameplay starts to approach feature creep( but thankful stops right before the point of being tedious). It’s a good game, but its definitely got some glaring problems(alot of which are better in the Torna DLC) and just isn’t as good as XC1 overall. And, yeah they should have toned down the “anime” aspects of the game as it does make it harder to take somethings seriously.

      5. I would recommend watching Chuggaaconroy’s LP and tutorial of the game. He praises the game but also has some criticism towards it.

    1. Its kinda always always been like this but most times people ususally don’t know about these characters, and really want to get the game character is from just to see how their like, brawl introduce me and help got me in the pikmin, and wario ware , kid icarus series.

      1. Yeah, some people are not familiar with these characters and never heard about them before but its nice that people who like Smash Bros got a chance to play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and enjoy the gameplay of the game.

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