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Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Pyra/Mythra presentation on 4th March

Tune in on Thursday 4th March at 14.00 UK time / 15.00 CET for an in-depth look at the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter, Pyra/Mythra, with director Masahiro Sakurai. He will also reveal the fighter’s release date! The presentation will be roughly 35 minutes long, and there will be no further new fighter announcements.

Source: Nintendo UK

21 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Pyra/Mythra presentation on 4th March”

  1. I don’t know anything about Xenoblade. Are Mythra and Pyra the same person like Zelda and Shiek? Is that why they are two characters in one?

    1. Yes, Mythra is the original, while the redone pyra is her in chill version. Then………oh…… then you need to play Xenoblade 2. Trust me.


  2. Now these are characters I want. Sonic team screwed up on team sonic racing because Amy didn’t team up with storm the albatross and cream the rabbit.

    1. 1. Why would Storm be on the same team as Amy and Cream?

      2. Is this really relevant at all to the topic at hand? You’re like that one troll that keeps posting about his hatred of Avery and Hop on all the Pokemon articles

  3. We need mach rider and a series reboot now.
    Could be a gritty vigilante hunting the world’s most feared hunters in a open world game like gta.

  4. I find it so ironic that Sakurai said he didn’t want any transforming characters which was why Zelda and Sheik got split in Smash 4, and yet contradicts himself by adding a transforming character as DLC

    1. Actually, he separated Zelda and Sheik in Smash 4 because the 3DS couldn’t properly handle the instant transformation. Same with Samus/Zero Suit Samus and Charizard being separated from the Pokemon Trainer.

      1. +London Wright
        Yeah…I honestly do not believe that. For starters he said in the Steve reveal that if he cannot do an idea justice, he’ll tell them no. It also doesn’t help that he’s a massive fan of Persona 5, Fatal Fury, and Xenoblade 2.
        I think what he means by “Picked by Nintendo” is they put together a list that Sakurai can look at and allow him which ones to pick from. In other words, Nintendo decides who Sakurai can pick from, they do not decide for themselves first hand.

        +Chibi Manny
        That’s actually not true. Sakurai split Zelda and Sheik because of the limitations of the Nintendo 3DS, it was also this reason that the Ice Climbers got cut entirely.
        And for the most part, the community was 100% on-board when them being their own characters so it’s likely Sakurai kept them this way for the fans, not to mention it’s easier porting them over as they are than having to go back and undo what they did in Smash Bros 4.
        But with Pyra and Mythra, I’d wager it would have either been both of them as they are or just 1 of them with their own Down-B. You could have made them separate characters but I think adding in 2 reps in the same fighter pass from the same franchise would have been abit much, heck I’d say 2 reps is just right for Xenoblade.

      2. @Christopher James I fully believe Nintendo decides everything DLC wise. Every DLC Character except Banjo-Kazooie & Minecraft serve as an advertisement because they’re from the latest installment of their respective game series. Cloud & sephiroth simply because Square Enix doesn’t acknowledge any FF Game other than FF7. If Sakurai actually had a choice in the DLC then I doubt he would’ve went with the most recent characters, and would’ve gone for actually iconic characters like the characters from the 1st games of those series (Shin Megami Tensei, Final Fantasy 1/2/3/4, Dragon Quest 1/2, King of Fighters instead of Fatal Fury, etc). Nintendo’s whole thing has just been release a character from a recent game to increase sales of that game on the switch and nothing more, which contradicts the whole “Celebration of Iconic Games & Characters” that Smash is about.

  5. I’m just glad we’re getting a second Xendoblade that looks good. I really don’t like Guar Plains and I get tired of battlefield and FD so it’s great we got a unique stage to listen to Xenoblade music on.

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