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Video: Post Malone’s Pokémon 25th Anniversary virtual performance

Rapper and songwriter, Post Malone, has helped celebrate 25 years of Pokémon by starring in a 13 minute virtual concert experience. The full performance is now up on YouTube and you can watch it for yourself below. Post’s concert also marks the start of the franchise’s yearlong P25 Music programme which sees The Pokémon Company teaming up with Universal Music Group to bring more music experiences to the masses with Katy Perry also headlining the project.

After the show, it was also revealed that Pokémon 25: The Album is on its way which will include music from J Balvin, a reggaeton singer who is currently one of the best-selling Latin music artists. The album will feature 14 tracks from 11 different artists.

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12 thoughts on “Video: Post Malone’s Pokémon 25th Anniversary virtual performance”

    1. I don’t think it is fair to say he has no talent. He can definitely sing. He just might be your taste in music.

  1. He looks like a gang boss from watch dogs. I bet the leprechaun in the white house want suck his lucky charms.

    1. He is not a 12 year old girl so grabby Joe wont have anything to do with him. He is not also a powerful politician so knee pads wont touch him either.

  2. But, the lyrics have nothing to do with Pokémon?
    And I wouldn’t even say that the lyrics is kid friendly..

  3. This was my first time intentionally listening to him (I’ve heard songs that I didn’t know were his), and I have to say, I thought the whole thing was really well done. Was hoping for a bit longer of a “concert” but I really can’t complain. Visuals were amazing and the music was solid too. His hootie and the blowfish cover with samples from Ecruteak city was so good.


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