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Pokemon Platinum content has been spotted in Diamond & Pearl Remake

The Pokemon Company announced the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes yesterday during the eventful Pokemon Direct presentation. It now appears as though content from the third version, Pokemon Platinum, is set to feature in the Switch remakes. Twitter user Voltimer combed through the debut trailer for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl and found the extra NPC who appears in the Platinum version of Floaroma Town. The character gives you Gracidea if you have Shaymin on hand. Confirmation of Platinum content in the remakes has yet to be announced by The Pokemon Company.


20 thoughts on “Pokemon Platinum content has been spotted in Diamond & Pearl Remake”

  1. I gotta know which pokemon are missing and what technical machines are available. I do not want any exclusive pokemon trainers between the versions. Barry is less annoying than Hop and that is a good thing.

  2. They’d have to be complete idiots if they leave out content from Platinum. If they leave out the Battle Frontier then I’m just going back to Platinum on my emulator lol

    1. They also have to a special kind of stupid to announce these remakes, and STILL be pro-Dexit.

      Modder could add the Pokemon into the game themselves, but Nintendo doesn’t want that either.

      Why do these developers not want us to have nice things? They don’t want to do the work and they won’t let us have it unless THEY did the work.

      1. Smh you just don’t get it do you? Pokemon is popular, they can make a pile of dog poo, slap the pokemon title on it and bam it sells millions of copies. They purposely cut pokemon so they could just charge them as DLC. This is the equivalent of you buying a car, the car dealer removes the door, gas pedal, & turning wheel, then sells those to you after. The only one who is a “special kinf of stupid” here is you for buying the product then complaining about it, knowing full well what you were getting into from the start. They purposely did all of that because at the end of the day they know fools like you will always complain to death about how bad their products are and yet still pour all of your money into buying it. Take your low IQ rants and find some other website to spam them on lmao.

    2. I’m going to go ahead and beat them to the punch and just buy a new Nintendo 3DS XL Pokemon diamond platinum and Pearl can’t make them any better then they already did now the just want to make it for little kids who want it to be easy if you want a challenge go with the old not the new

  3. I’m hoping for them to add good stuff in the remake like mini games, special stuff, voice chat from X and Y and maybe a Unova region starter pokemon after completing the game.

    As for this content, this could be very interesting.

  4. The trailer also has Porygon-Z which wasn’t in the D/P regional Pokédex and only available post game, while being in the Platinum dex. This obviously doesn’t confirm platinum dex, but just interesting

      1. Ok so they put platinum stuff in it now how long dose it take to beat it and did they make it like the new games they’ve been making or like the old ones cas like I said after heart gold soul silver and an argument could be make for black and white anything after these are to easy

  5. One of the reasons I enjoyed the original diamond is because I could use pal park to get pokemon transferred from ruby, emerald and leaf green. I won’t get either remake if I can’t at least use all 493 pokemon from gens 1 to 4.

  6. I prefer Platinum its the better of the 3 in my eyes but im going to lose it if they ruin these all the pokemon games after heart gold and soul silver are to dam easy they hold ur hand though the whole dam thing and it makes it boring it would take me a few days to beat the old games now just 3 hours 4 if i take my time they male it to easy it would be nice if they did this right like the old games.

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