Pokemon Company announces Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (Late 2021), and Pokemon Legends: Arceus (Early 2022)

Today, during a Pokémon Presents video presentation, Tsunekazu Ishihara—president and CEO of The Pokémon Company—announced Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, Pokémon Shining Pearl, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus—new video games coming to the blockbuster series that spans 25 years. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl will launch in late 2021, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus will launch in early 2022. All three games will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch system.

In 2006, Trainers were introduced to the Sinnoh region with the release of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl on the Nintendo DS system. Players can once again visit the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl, which are faithful remakes of two iconic Pokémon games. Pokémon Legends: Arceus will introduce fans to the Sinnoh region of old—before the existence of Pokémon Trainers and Pokémon Leagues. It’s in this long-gone era that players will embark on an entirely new adventure to create the region’s first Pokédex.

“Trainers caught their first Pokémon in 1996 and began an adventure that has lasted 25 years. Through eight regions, many different platforms, and countless Pokémon encounters, they have strived to be the very best,” said Mr. Ishihara. “We hope that fans of all ages will enjoy creating new memories while exploring the Sinnoh region in these new games.”

More details about the highly anticipated New Pokémon Snap game were also shared in the video presentation, in addition to information about special in-game events taking place in celebration of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary. 

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl

Developed by ILCA, Inc., and directed by Junichi Masuda (GAME FREAK) and Yuichi Ueda (ILCA), Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl enable fans to experience the original story and game features from Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl in a fresh way. The original games have been faithfully reproduced and colourfully revitalized for Nintendo Switch. The sense of scale of the towns and routes has been carefully preserved, and fans who played the original games will recognize many familiar places. These games are updated with the easy-to-understand, player-friendly conveniences introduced in recent Pokémon core series video games, in addition to up-close-and-personal Pokémon battle scenes. 

Trainers will choose either Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup to be their first partner Pokémon before setting off on their journey. Along the way, they will be able to encounter the Legendary Pokémon Dialga in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and the Legendary Pokémon Palkia in Pokémon Shining Pearl. 


Category: Tiny Leaf Pokémon

Height: 0.4 m

Weight: 10.2 kg

Type: Grass

Ability: Overgrow

Made from soil, the shell on Turtwig’s back hardens when it drinks water. Turtwig lives along lakes, and the leaf on its head will wilt if the Pokémon is thirsty.  


Category: Chimp Pokémon 

Height: 0.5 m

Weight: 6.2 kg

Type: Fire

Ability: Blaze

Chimchar lives atop craggy mountains and can agilely scale sheer cliffs. Even rain can’t extinguish its fiery rear end, which is fueled by gas made in its belly. 


Category: Penguin Pokémon 

Height: 0.4 m

Weight: 5.2 kg

Type: Water

Ability: Torrent

Because it’s very proud, Piplup hates to accept food from people. A skilled swimmer, its thick down protects it from the cold as it dives for over 10 minutes while hunting. 


Category: Temporal Pokémon 

Height: 5.4 m

Weight: 683 kg

Type: Steel/Dragon

Ability: Pressure

Dialga appears in Sinnoh-region myths as an ancient deity and has the power to control time. It is said that time began to move when Dialga was born.


Category: Spatial Pokémon 

Height: 4.2 m

Weight: 336 kg

Type: Water/Dragon

Ability: Pressure

Described as a deity in Sinnoh-region mythology, Palkia has the ability to distort space. It is said to live in a gap in the spatial dimension parallel to ours. 

For more information about Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl, please visit Pokemon.co.uk/DiamondPearl​.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

The fun of exploring while catching Pokémon and filling in a Pokédex has always been a core part of the Pokémon video game series. Pokémon Legends: Arceus was developed with the desire to deliver an experience infused with new action and RPG elements that go beyond the framework established thus far, while honoring the core gameplay of past Pokémon titles. 

As Trainers explore the natural expanses in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, they’ll encounter Pokémon that call these grand vistas home. To catch wild Pokémon, players can study the Pokémon’s behaviours, sneak up to them, then throw Poké Balls. Players can also battle wild Pokémon with their ally Pokémon. By throwing the Poké Ball holding their ally Pokémon near a wild Pokémon, players will seamlessly enter battle. This new gameplay angle is intended to provide Trainers with an immersive experience. 

Pokémon Legends: Arceus brings Trainers to the vast Sinnoh region as it existed in the past, long before the setting for Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl was established. Rich in nature and with Mount Coronet towering at its heart, this is a Sinnoh unlike anything Trainers have experienced before as they embark to create the region’s first Pokédex. 

As they start off on their adventure, Trainers will be able to choose either Rowlet, Cyndaquil, or Oshawott as their first partner Pokémon. These three Pokémon arrived with a Pokémon Professor, who encountered them on research excursions to various regions. 


Category: Grass Quill Pokémon 

Height: 0.3 m

Weight: 1.5 kg

Type: Grass/Flying

This Pokémon from the Alola region uses photosynthesis to store up energy during the day and becomes active at night. It can silently glide to its target and begin pelting it with vicious kicks. 


Category: Fire Mouse Pokémon 

Height: 0.5 m

Weight: 7.9 kg

Type: Fire

Cyndaquil, a timid Pokémon that is often curled up in a ball, is from the Johto region. The flames on its back flare up when it’s surprised and can also be used to protect itself when attacked. 


Category: Sea Otter Pokémon 

Height: 0.5 m

Weight: 5.9 kg

Type: Water

Oshawott is from the Unova region and has a scalchop on its stomach. It uses the scalchop to retaliate against attacks and to break open hard Berries. 


Category: Alpha Pokémon 

Height: 3.2 m

Weight: 320 kg

Type: Normal

Arceus is said to have shaped all there is in this world.

For more information about Pokémon Legends: Arceus, please visit Pokemon.co.uk/LegendsArceus.

New Pokémon Snap 

New Pokémon Snap is a previously announced video game in which players will take on the role of a budding Pokémon photographer in the Lental region. There they will work with Professor Mirror, the region’s expert, on an ecological survey to photograph Pokémon thriving in nature. The game will be available on April 30, 2021, on the Nintendo Switch family of systems. 

Wild Pokémon thrive on the islands of the Lental region, where environments can differ greatly, making for a variety of habitats where different Pokémon expressions and behaviours can be observed. Players will be able to get their attention by playing a melody or throwing fluffruit. They’ll also be able to use an Illumina orb (an invention of Professor Mirror’s) on Pokémon to witness something out of the ordinary. They can even use their camera to run scans, which can help them find hidden Pokémon or inspect their surroundings. As players keep researching a course, their research level there will increase, and they may discover Pokémon acting in different ways. Trainers may even encounter Legendary Pokémon or Mythical Pokémon. 

A photo’s score will be based on the subjects’ poses, how large they appear, how directly they’re facing the camera, and where they fall in frame. Each photo will get one to four stars, indicating how common or rare the behaviour displayed is. Players will have to take many photos to fill out their Photodex, which is their collection of Pokémon photographs.

Photos taken while conducting research can also be saved to a personal album, which is separate from the Photodex. When a course is completed, players can use the re-snap function to adjust the brightness, blur, zoom, and other aspects of their recently snapped photos. After photos are saved to the personal album, a photo-editing mode will enable players to customize their photos with stickers, frames, and filters. 

New Pokémon Snap also has several online features that enable players to share photos and compete with others around the world through ranking systems.

For more information about New Pokémon Snap, please visit Pokemon.co.uk/NewPokemonSnap.

Pokémon 25th Anniversary Celebration In-Game Events

Several events celebrating 25 years of Pokémon will take place in current, popular games across the franchise. Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and even Mewtwo are appearing in Legendary Raid Battles as part of a Kanto-region-themed celebration event in Pokémon GO. In the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield video games, a special Max Raid Battle event featuring Gigantamax Pikachu is under way. In Pokémon Masters EX from February 26 to March 18, Galar region Champion Leon with his partner Pokémon Charizard are making an appearance. And players who log in to Pokémon Café Mix February 26–March 1 will receive 2,500 golden acorns during a special promotion.  

For more information about the Pokémon 25th anniversary celebration, please visit Pokemon.uk/25.

Source; The Pokemon Company UK


  1. Legends looks good but it kinda seems bare bones, I honestly want to see some more locations, and than it’ll be in my 2022 list along with splat 3.

  2. I wish the remake at least looked like Link’s Awakening, now that’s a chibi style game with good graphics.

  3. Is it the same price for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl as Pokemon Legends: Arceus? If so, you see the issue…

    1. It’s for fans of the games and people who haven’t played it. They completely remade the game. So no I don’t see the problem. Just because you like one game more than the other doesn’t mean the one you like less should cost lest.

  4. Watch Masuda or someone else from GameFreak announce that BDSP Pokemon can’t be transferred over to Galar.

    It’d be LGPE all over again. Also, this is in place of a third expansion pass, folks.

    But hey, you got what you wanted, right?

    1. I am assuming you’re being sarcastic but I’d much rather this over another expansion pass to a rushed, mediocre game I stopped playing years ago. At least the basis for these remakes is a fantastic game.

      1. Well you got what YOU wanted.

        Meanwhile, my Greninja is gone, along with several others.

        I wonder what happened to the guy who modded the entire Gen 1 dex into SWSH, because we need to pick up that project again.

        I don’t hate Sinnoh, but I’m not about to play TWO games focused on an older generation of Pokemon I already own.

        GameFreak, please don’t lock these Pokemon out of SWSH, or else what was the point?

      1. When fans wanted a Pokemon D/P remake, they wanted a significant remake – maybe even enough to warrant a “remastered” entry. Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl, so far at least, look very simple for a console game in 2021. I personally think Let’s Go Pikachu and Sun/Moon look better from a graphical standpoint. No doubt the 3DS could run these D/P remakes. That’s why it’s sad as of today.

        I would have loved to see a more remastered effort on these gems, pun intended.

  5. Pokemon diamond/pearl looks like a 3ds game
    Pokemon legends run at 20 frames per second

    Great work Pokemon company

    1. Umm I think you are remembering what the 3DS Pokemon look like incorrectly. Please clean off your glasses and look again.

      This is like when people complained Super Mario 3D World looked like a 3DS game because it was similar to Super Mario 3D Land. -_-

      1. I wrote 3ds game, not pokemon 3ds game. The image you posted it’s not even the same resolution, you can’t compare them.

        Link Between Worlds 3ds upscaled to 1080p

        Pokemon Diamond Switch

        Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Switch

        Zelda BOTW Switch

        To me, this game looks like zelda 3ds upscaled, so it looks like a 3ds game

    2. I feel the reasoning behind the lower frame rate is because they’re trying to get as many pokemon on screen as they can and don’t forget, the game isn’t coming out until 2022, so plenty of time to improve on the visuals and frame rate.

      Now complaining about graphics in a Pokemon game is like complaining about Guns in a Call of Duty game… it’s pointless and the real fun lies in the mechanics of the gameplay.

      Pokemon was great during the earlier days before the 3DS versions because they focused on the fun and enjoyment of the game, whilst graphics were second place, and in the end I feel like you’re now just complaining for the sake of complaining.

      1. “I feel the reasoning behind the lower frame rate is because they’re trying to get as many pokemon on screen as they can and don’t forget, the game isn’t coming out until 2022, so plenty of time to improve on the visuals and frame rate.”

        So, you do recognize the framerate issues. Good. I’m not saying that they´re not going to fix it.
        So we agree on this point.

        “Now complaining about graphics in a Pokemon game is like complaining about Guns in a Call of Duty game… it’s pointless and the real fun lies in the mechanics of the gameplay.”

        Did you see the graphics in Pokemon Snap 2? That’s a Pokemon game with good visuals and a unique gameplay mechanics.

        “Pokemon was great during the earlier days before the 3DS versions because they focused on the fun and enjoyment of the game, whilst graphics were second place”

        Remember that portable consoles from GB to NDS, even 3ds, were weak consoles, not capable of producing better quality graphics.
        Now in the switch, that’s different story, that’s why i put images to compare games on the same system.

        “and in the end I feel like you’re now just complaining for the sake of complaining.”

        I’m a customer, so i can say the product is good or bad, and i can complain if i want to.

        If you go to eat, and the meal doesn’t taste good, you can say it, what if the staff tell you “in the end I feel like you’re now just complaining for the sake of complaining.” Maybe another customer like the food. Good for both of them. Both can say what they think, and both of them are right.

        You shouldn’t go around saying opinions that differ from your own are wrong, just because you’re fan of something and don’t accept the fact that some people don’t like what you love.

        Even Pokemon Shield and Sword sold a lot of copies, i didn’t like them, but millions of people love it, what’s the problem?

  6. The fact that the remakes look like a 3DS game is incredibly annoying, but I already expected as much from a company that stopped caring about quality for years now. At least they got something right for once by makinig it a “Faithful Remake”. On the other hand that Legends: Arceus just seems like a way for them to Milk Gen 4 and the graphics/fps look so…….bad.

    1. The fact that it’s a “faithful remake” is the biggest problem of anything here. Why remake a Pokémon game if you aren’t going to include series modernizations like character customization and Pokémon walking around the overworld? I was super excited for remakes, but seeing that random encounters are returning just killed so much of the hype I had

      1. I highly disagree. Charcter Customization is in XY, Sun/Moon, SWSH because we no longer use the specific male/female character, we use avatars who can be customized. Gen 1-5 all had specific characters that couldn’t be customized (Red/Blue/Gold/Silver/May/Brendan/Dia/Pearl/Black/White). It’s blatantly obvious that Gens 1-5 won’t have player customization so you had your hopes up for something that was never going to happen. Although pokemon in the overworld would’ve been a nice addition like HG/SS I’ll gladly take a faithful remake over them adding newer gen pokemon, trying to stretch out the story by adding unnecessary plot, adding newer mechanics, etc. The Pokemon Company has only become lazy & money driven since Gen 5 onward, no way I’d actually trust them to make a remake of DP just to ruin it by modernizing it.

      2. Now if Gen 6-8 never happened, & the Pokemon Company didn’t get lazy with everything, then I’d fully agree with your point and support the idea of a DP Remake with modernized mechanics. But as they are now, yeah no way they’d screw it up.

  7. Legends: Arceus looks like a step in the right direction, but I need to see and know more. I like the idea of a game requiring you to complete/create the regions pokedex. It’d be nice to have objectives and incentive to catch, rather than rolling through the game with your starter (I think it’s time we even get a 5th or 6th move slot to shake things up)

    On the other hand, the trailer didn’t look very polished considering it’s a big reveal. It looks like one large wild area, poor frame rate, and smudged visuals – It looks like Fire Emblem 3H’s Monastery, lacking charm. Remember those Ocarina of Time tree textures – that’s what I see across the land.

    If the Pokemon truly cares, they will blow expectations out of the water. If not, I’m getting Sword/Shield DLC impressions as of now. Fingers crossed they clean it up and create a worthwhile groundbreaking entry in the series. Long overdue.

  8. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl looks phoned in. FRLG and HGSS and even ORAS to some extent were all great entries to the series in their own right that tried to push the series on, BDSP has been farmed to nobody developers and boy does it show. Pokémon Legends looks like a cheap knock-off of Breath of the Wild.

    The Pokémon series sure knows how to celebrate itself, how many self-congratulatory montages showing the journey from Red/Green to present day have we had to watch. Yet when was the last time it really impressed you. B2W2? Even further back? It’s certainly a series that doesn’t deserve to be talked about with the same respect as legendary series such as Mario and Zelda.

  9. Pokemon legends looks like what sword and shield should have been. The game is still rough around the edges from what was shown but at least their changing it up finally. Hopefully it has a decent story like detective pikachu.

    The dp remakes look like ps2 games, why didn’t they just make them part of the let’s go series, those turned out great imo. Definitely not buying that one at full $60 since they would have the audacity to charge that amount. I’ll purchase at $30 or $40 like they were originally.

    1. Because they didn’t used the same models that they did with Sun and Moon and some people was a bit skeptical about the game. Yes Pokemon Legends sounds a bit promising to me honestly.

      1. I don’t know who that is but if they like what they saw then they should totally buy the games. I was more calling out people who complain about the games but still end up buying them. In the case of Pokemon games, the developer is not setting the bar… The consumers are. As long as an obscene amount of people buy the games… That’s the consumers setting the bar low.

        To be fair, Pokemon Legends looks like some attempt at evolution so gotta give the devs credit for that. Being a 2022, I really hope the final version looks more robust than what they showed today.

  10. A concern about Legacy: Arceus — Is it safe to say there won’t be any new Pokemon species considering it’s a “pre-makel” and reused starters? What do you think?

  11. Been out of loop since Gen 1, I think I will dust off my pokeballs for that open world game. With Monster Hunter being as successful as it is, they can’t afford to half ass this one.

    Also, people are free to post their opinions. But “this sucks” isn’t an opinion. Saying “I don’t like this” isn’t an opinion and doesn’t further the conversation. Give me an actual opinion with some facts to back it up, & I’ll respect that even if I don’t agree with it.

    1. You say people are free to post their opinions & yet you’re giving yourself the right to decide what is & what isn’t an opinion. Your definition of what an opinion is & isn’t is nothing more than opinion in itself. Hypocrisy much?? Lmao

    2. I don’t really understand the comparison between Pokémon and monster hunter. The series share little to no similarities.

  12. The art style for BDSP is very interesting approach. At first I wasn’t sure but I’m warming to it like I did with Link’s Awakening.

    People can complain but if this is anything like Sword and Shield boycotts, its all talk. This will still likely do over 10 million in lifetime sales easily.

    Legends looks very impressive. Its not Breath of the Wild and I don’t expect it to be, just nice to see they’re finally doing an open world game with a single player focus.

    And they are both based in Sinnoh, we got a remake and a prequel so you won’t find me complaining.

  13. I hope Pokemon Legends looks vastly better upon release than what it looks like now. As another said, it’s a step in the right direction. Provided they use it for the core series going forward. I just hope it’s not a step too late because my interest in getting core series games is dwindling. If not for Snap 2, I’d probably be done with the franchise right now.

    As for BD/SP, I’ll only buy one of them if it has a Delta Episode-like story featuring Cresselia & Darkrai as a post game story. Otherwise, I’m not interested.

  14. I must be the only one that thinks the Sinnoh remakes look nice. It looks just like the ds sprites when Lucas and Dawn walk around, I love it. Now they just need to add the Battle Frontier and they will be my favorite version.

  15. Pokémon Legends is basically a Wild Area with a BotW skin and frame drops. Lame.

    And GF already gave us a disclaimer, that it will be empty af because <<>>

    Such a shame that my least fav part in Gen 8, has been turned into a fully fledged game.

  16. DANG, there’s a lot of posts on this. Too bad all articles don’t have this many comments. On many, I’ll leave a comment, and then go back several days later, and STILL nobody replied or commented since the one I left. It’s annoying.

    Anyway…..I think I just realized one of the reasons why I backed away from Pokemon games and stopped caring. I think it’s because every time one releases, there’s multiple versions of that same game. I HATE that! I don’t like having to choose, and then worry that I’ll regret the one I chose. But with that said said….the graphics in the screen shot on this post looks amazing. Possibly amazing enough to pull me back in. Though I haven’t played a Pokemon game since Pokemon Diamond on the DS.

    1. Here’s a reply when you check back: Multiple versions are pretty scummy. They aren’t even really different… Same world, same story, maybe a few different cast members, and locked content that the other version has.

      I tell you one thing too… Seeing a double pack of these remakes for $120 sitting on the store shelves will be wild.

  17. Personally I’m not a huge fan of the graphics for the remakes. However I didn’t play the original pokemon diamond and pearl games, I got platinum instead so I’ll give these games a chance. The Pokemon Legends game is a step on the right direction and I’m sure they’ll fix the performance issues by release time. I’m not expecting it to be Breath of the Wild, The Witcher 3, skyrim or anything like that but hey at least they’re showing that they’re looking into the open world genre, the only way is up from here(hopefully). I think it’ll be a good game and it’s one I’m looking forward too. Can’t wait to see what else they do for Legends, maybe they do something like Legends Mew or Legends Kyurem when it was fully combined with Zekrom and Reshiram. Just some ideas off the top of my head.

  18. oh lord do you all want some cheese with your whine? The game is just in dev stages and they only have dev stage stuff to show. So sick of hearing you children bitch about the frame rates of pokemon games. It’s pokemon.

    1. How many times did you say “Thank you sir may I have another” while watching the Pokemon Direct?

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