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Check out the New Pokémon Snap trailer – game launches 30th April

The latest Pokémon Presents video presentation has been and gone – check out all the announcements here – with an exciting new trailer for New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch being aired early in the 20 minute showcase. The new trailer from Bandai Namco and The Pokémon Company shows a ton of new footage that we’ve not seen before highlighting a new rival, photo scores and more. Check out the colourful trailer for yourself below:

New Pokémon Snap launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on 30th April this year.

3 thoughts on “Check out the New Pokémon Snap trailer – game launches 30th April”

  1. Looks amazing. Bandai Namco should helm every Pokemon entry from here out.

    Why are spinoffs looking better than main entries?

    1. while the margin may be hard to justify, it is a olot easier both hardware resource wise and programing wise to have it look nicer in an on the rail relatively limited potential sequence of events game. Stuff only has to look good from one angle and its far closer to doing a cutscene than something like botw is. This isn’t to knock snap tbc, tmings a huge aspect, knowing when to turn which direction, what causes these limited events, but eg showing a magikarp jumping once is a lot easier to do flashily than having to have that level of quality with a wide range of attacks nd getting hit and other stuff. Similarly Pokken (though you don’t mention it) of course looks way better cause its a fighting game with a far more limited roster, and snaps will also be more limited though to a much lesser extent.
      Now this isn’t to say you’re wrong about spinoffs, See the games like battle revolution and colliseum where we saw animations with a lot more personality and detail than what we did in most average moves in swsh, and where the excuse doesn’t apply there were more pokemon in battle revolution than in swsh at launch, with the only advantage being a more powerful console vs the handhelds at the time, but far less so than the switch. But comparing an on the rails photo game to the mainline games doesn’t work as well as an argument.

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