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Rumour: Insider leaks two upcoming Pokemon Games for the Nintendo Switch

Reddit user PraticalBrush12 who has been spot on with leaks lately including the last Nintendo Direct’s lineup and Diablo series stream has apparently revealed the games which will be showcased during today’s Pokemon Direct for the series 25th anniversary. The Pokemon games coming this year are titled Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and use a new Chibi 3D visual style. The next game is interestingly an open world Pokemon game developed by Game Freak which is scheduled for 2022. This will be a first for the Pokemon series and will be set in feudal Sinnoh aka the past. We will find out for sure whether PraticalBrush12 is correct later today as the Pokemon Direct takes place today at 3pm UK time.


17 thoughts on “Rumour: Insider leaks two upcoming Pokemon Games for the Nintendo Switch”

    1. The fact it states ” new chibi style” could be something different, maybe better or worse. Guess we’ll know for sure later today.

      1. I actually prefer this tbh. It’s a lot closer to the gen 6 artstyle and say what you will about those games but at least they had a much better artstyle than gen 7 and SwSh.

  1. seeing a Pokemon world without modern elements in an era where they are actual legit “monsters”, wild beasts and other sentient races equal to humans, has a shit ton of great possibilities. its something that should have been explored years ago. really hope it just isnt the same as all the other games and the setting really has very little to do with the plot/world building

  2. For anyone who is skeptical – PracticalBrush12 has a 100% correct track record with his leaks in the past and footage of the feudal Sinnoh game has already leaked and is titled Pokémon Legends: Arceus (at least in Chinese as the leaked footage showed the Chinese logo and title).

  3. Remember you Avery hating weird guys. Wait until you learn about all the game’s content before you pre order. If you get diamond you might miss out on Palkia for example.

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