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Epic Games has purchased Media Tonic behind Fall Guys

Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite and the Unreal Engine, have announced that they have purchased Tonic Games Group, the company and team behind the hit multiplayer franchise Fall Guys. The British creators behind Fall Guys watched downloads of the super-fun multiplayer game soar when it launched last year and it was also included as a free title for Sony’s PlayStation+ subscribers. Fall Guys will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch in the summer.

9 thoughts on “Epic Games has purchased Media Tonic behind Fall Guys”

  1. DreamcastGuy: gamers are mad about them being purchased by Epic.
    me: yeah, a whole 5 of them are mad.

    honestly i really could care less. it doesnt bother me and it wont change my opinion even if they were bought by EA, THQ Nordic, Microsoft, Lucifer’s Gaming Studios or 420BlazzEet ENTertainment

  2. So when do they start adding loot boxes to the game then start heavily advertising to children and say it’s because the are the light of the industry who are fighting for gamers in order to mask the fact they are just as bad as EA.

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  4. Wherever there’s a virtual playground where young kids spend their time, Epic is already lurking in the dark.

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