It seems the ARMS Dark Horse Comics graphic novel was cancelled

You may remember that Dark Horse Comics was teaming up with Nintendo to release a comic book series based on the Nintendo fighting IP ARMS. The first volume of the series, which was written by Ian Flynn and illustrated by Joe Ng, was given away for free during Comic Book Day. However, it seems that the series was ultimately canceled. This could possibly be due to the fact that ARMS never took off as Nintendo had hoped.

(May 2018)
Wrote the introductory Free Comic Book Day 2018 issue for a planned, but unfortunately canceled, graphic novel series based on the popular Nintendo fighting game franchise, ARMS.



  1. ARMS have have been a new Nintendo IP, but… I didn’t buy Splatoon either, and it looks less compelling than Splatoon. The gameplay didn’t quite work out apparently in its first iteration from what I’ve heard from reviews, and I hate to say it looks that way from the footage.

    1. Gameplay was fun…for short doses. Played better with friends than it has any right to. Their representation in smash bros ultimate speaks for itself. It could have been made a lot better.

  2. So much for these characters ever having dialog/characterization. Feels like a long way to go to make sure that never happens.

      1. Well we all know who’s the godfather of mute/limited-dialog characters.

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