Former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is leaving GameStop’s board of directors in June

A little more than 2 years ago, Reggie Fils-Aime stepped down as the president of Nintendo of America. Although Doug Bowser has since filled that role, that doesn’t mean that Reggie’s retirement from Nintendo was going to be a quiet one. Ever since then, he’s made appearances at The Game Awards, took part in a podcast for charity, and he even joined the board of directors for GameStop and Spin Master.

Well, a year after he first joined it, it has been announced that Reggie is leaving GameStop’s board of directors. It’ll be effective this June, in time for GameStop’s 2021 Annual Meeting. Bill Simon and J.K Symancyk, who joined GameStop’s board of directors at the same time that Reggie did, are also stepping down.



  1. And he accomplished literally nothing there.

    Seriously, I haven’t even set foot in a GameStop between his joining and this article.


  2. I don’t hate Reggie at all.

    It’s just, what was the point of even joining GameStop if nothing came from it? Him joining did nothing to save GameStop whatsoever.

  3. I hear ya. Him joining was a headline, and after that no news really. Covid had to have factored in. From the outside it seems like he got paid to do nothing other than to make a positive headline of “Reggie joins Gamestop”.

    I’m sure retirement can be tricky for anyone, let alone an energetic guy like Reggie. Pick up a hobby and enjoy retirement my dude, enjoy life, stay the hell out of board rooms.

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