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Capcom stock soars to an all-time high due to Monster Hunter Rise release

The latest entry in the beloved Monster Hunter franchise is out today worldwide, Monster Hunter Rise, and it is a timed exclusive on the Nintendo Switch platform, plus there’s a special edition Switch console on the back of the release. VGC reports tha Capcom stock rose to an all-time high in Tokyo today on the launch of the game. The company also has two other heavy hitters coming soonish in the form of the next Resident Evil title, Resident Evil Village, and the colourful Monster Hunter spinoff, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. The publisher and developer also has a number of unannounced games in the works too, so things are looking promising in 2021 for the company.



  1. Of all the games and franchises that Capcom has, THIS is the one that gets stocks to jump? I honestly do not see what’s so special about MH; the games bore me and the movie wasn’t much better.

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