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Japan: Balan Wonderworld missed the entire top 30 Famitsu charts

Balan Wonderworld artwork

Balan Wonderworld launched on 26th March worldwide and it seems as though the game by the legendary Yuji Naka flopped rather hard, at least in Japan. The colourful 3D platformer published by Square Enix made its debut in Japan at under 2,100 copies. This means that Balan Wonderworld completely missed the Famitsu top 30 during its first week at retail. Balan Wonderworld is out now on the Nintendo Switch and has a 27 Metacritic score on the platform.


15 thoughts on “Japan: Balan Wonderworld missed the entire top 30 Famitsu charts”

    1. There are plenty of GameCube games with far more polish than Balan Wonderworld. Just call it what it is and say it’s a bad game

  1. The first trailer for this game had me excited to play but my excitement after the demo went down faster than Lil Nas X going down that pole to hell.

    I really wish they delayed this game at least a year if not longer

    1. lol, you what?

      If you look back sonic team wasn’t skilled at all with 3d platforming, sonic adventure aged so bad and we are talking about the era when Naka was in Sega, in retrospective sobic team was (and still is) a hit or miss

      before you say your classic “shut up” or “I am going to kick your ass”, Iike Naka, I think he is one of the classic game designers who is not an egocentric diva (ahem, kojima).

  2. Well yeah- the game has basic design flaws, gameplay is slow, and isn’t optimized on some consoles. And, they have the audacity to charge $60 (or whatever full price is for other currencies) for it when it’s certainly not worth that.

  3. I think most people saw this failure coming from a mile away, despite the name attached. The gameplay footage they released early on was yikes, and it had a sense of being painfully uninspired. There was no passion behind this project and it shows.

      1. You still me around in 3D, the characters have platformer proportions (not to mention the world’s bright aesthetics), and your character(s) CAN jump.

        It’s a platformer.

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