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Doug Bowser confirms Nintendo will air virtual video during E3 2021

Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser has confirmed this evening that Nintendo will be ready for the virtual E3 2021 event which will take place this June. Mr. Bowser said that he’s looking forward to being back with the rest of the gaming industry this June and that they will make the virtual format “fun and engaging.” It will be interesting to see which Switch software, and perhaps hardware, the company will have ready to show to fans this year during the current ongoing coronavirus crisis.

10 thoughts on “Doug Bowser confirms Nintendo will air virtual video during E3 2021”

  1. Good news. Though I’m expecting a similar showing to the last direct, fine, something for everyone but nothing show stopping. Would love to be wrong. BOTW2 news is “later this year”, E3 is only June, I won’t expect a new trailer at E3.

    1. I’m pretty sure he said that because they weren’t sure of there was going to be an E3 this year. Now that it’s actually happening we may get a BOTW2 trailer there. A Smash Trailer is the most suspected.

  2. Here’s an interesting thought; Could the last DLC fighter be revealed at E3? Pyra and Mythra were announced midway in February and it’s now April. Typically there’s been 2 months between each character announcement for Smash so at the end of April, we could be seeing the next one and since June is still 2 months away, it’s possible we could get our final character at E3.
    Man, imagine who they could announce as a final addition at E3? It would have to be someone big like they did with Banjo and Hero.

  3. Okay, then there has got to be BotW2 news at E3 this year. It’s been 2 years since its announcement they showed off in-engine footage; there’s no way they don’t have anything else yet. It will probably be announced for a late November/early December release, making it Ninty’s premiere holiday 2021 title.

    I don’t know what else we’ll see- maybe amiibo functionality or new features for Skyward Sword HD since it releases a month later. Perhaps another small tease of Splatoon 3.

    And of course, I want something, ANYTHING, to do with F-Zero.

  4. Yea it’s possible they’re ready to reveal at E3, especially with financial forecasters saying they have a strong lineup coming up. That would mean that the game is scheduled for holidays, right? They don’t like doing previews for games too far in advance. Maybe just a trailer for E3, but we already have a trailer, we ready for a preview.

    When I heard in the direct “more news later this year”, my gut reaction wasn’t ‘oh we’re getting BotW2 this year.’ Would love to be wrong on that though.

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