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Japan: Nintendo Switch is now the 6th best selling console of all-time

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If you view the Famtisu hardware charts which are published on a Thursday you’ll know that the Nintendo Switch has been a runway success in Japan. The Switch family of systems is always the best-selling hardware in the Weekly Famitsu sales charts since release. The Switch is currently the sixth best-selling system of all-time in the land of the rising sun and should surpass Sony’s PSP and the PlayStation 2 fairly soon. It still has a way to go to beat the Game Boy and the Nintendo DS though. Check out the best-selling video game systems of all-time in Japan below.

7 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo Switch is now the 6th best selling console of all-time”

  1. it’s funny how Sickr didn’t headlined “PS 2 and PSP remains best selling consoles as Nintendo Switch takeses the 6th place”

    1. Well as you can see the ps2 and psp are not the best selling lol, game boy, DS and 3ds are so what’s your point and ps2 and psp are discontinued, switch is in full swing and will without a massive doubt pass them by very easily. Nice try though 👍🏾

  2. The Switch will be crowned the King of all console sales in next couple of years. You’ll see! That’s the magic of Nintendo! They got that Midas touch no one in the business has.

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