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The Pokemon Company has released the free Sword & Shield code for Weakness Policy

Those of you who own Pokemon Sword & Shield on the Nintendo Switch can grab a code for the Weakness Policy. To claim it all you need to do is boot up the game and then press X to open the game’s main menu and then select Mystery Gift and then Get via internet. The code for the Weakness Policy is WPF1NALSPC3. Here’s what it does; “When held by a Pokémon, it raises the Pokémon’s Attack and Sp. Attack stats by two stages whenever it is hit by a move that is Super Effective”

5 thoughts on “The Pokemon Company has released the free Sword & Shield code for Weakness Policy”

  1. Now give us shield players a patch that lets us remove Avery. I can’t stand him. I wanted Klara. They should have told us about isle of armor before we pre ordered.

      1. Just ignore this tool. He spams his anti-Avery and anti-Hop rhetoric on almost every article mentioning Pokemon here. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the same guy saying he’d do BDSM on a toy Pikachu on the Switch printer article from the other day.

    1. Of all the Pokémon Mystery Gift related news THIS is the one that you guys decide to post??? Like there are loads of actual Mustery Gift announcements that you guys have straight up never shared like you know ones that actually HAVE POKÉMON ATTACHED. Like come on guys quit sharing those God awful Nintendo Minute YouTube videos and maybe be quicker on the ball with legot BETTER QUALITY MYSTERY GIFT news and not an EASILY OBTAINABLE ITEM Mystery Gift. Shoot even less Sony/Microsoft News and more general Pokémon news would be more welcome. I get you lot are a small team but wastes of data like this and Nintendo Minuite posts make my eyes water.

      1. I agree although would’ve maybe put it better. This is my main source of Nintendo news and it would be good to know all the mystery gifts that are running as I end up missing most of them.

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