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ESRB rates Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Prince’s Edition for Switch

Level-5’s Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom which originally appeared on the PlayStation 4. back in March 2018 appears to be Nintendo Switch bound. The ERSB recently rated a Nintendo Switch version of the hit JRPG, although it has yet to be announced by Bandai Namco or Level-5. The original Level-5 game appeared on the Nintendo Switch and is available now via the eShop, so it will be a pleasant surprise to see the sequel on the platform.


6 thoughts on “ESRB rates Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Prince’s Edition for Switch”

  1. Wonder how different this is to the first one. I bought that on Switch but didn’t really enjoy the battle system so only played about 15 hours before moving on. If it’s tweaked or improved in the sequel I might give it another try

    1. It’s a different battle system. You might want to look it up. It wasn’t as well received as the first one but if true I’ll definitely purchase anyway

    2. Completly different from the first. I honestly believe that this was probably a completly differet game under a different name, but the devs wanted to bank on the NNK name so they just titled this game a sequel. They tried to tied it together by saying that this world is completly different from Olivers, and its why it doesnt have any familiars (monsters that you catch.) Its just seems like they were reaching.

      Its an ok game, but its pretty much a stand alone jrpg, that shouldnt have the NNK name.

  2. banjokazooiefan87483

    As someone who played and beat both games, I personally found the first one to be incredible and the 2nd one to be horrid.

    The main draw of the first one was the fighting system, made up mostly of the familiars. They removed the familiars for the 2nd game because I guess they had literally no concept of what people enjoyed about the first game. Very disappointing.

    Would have almost been fine if it were a standalone game but they wanted it to sell better so they banked off the success of the first one by calling it a sequel.

    I honestly can’t fathom how dumb the people at Level 5 have to be for not instantly shutting down the idea of making a Nino Kuni game without familiars, but sure enough, that’s what they created.

    1/10 from me personally. Did not enjoy at all and sad I wasted my time with this one.

    Can’t praise the first game enough though.

    1. I played only the second game, and while I’m not a big fan of it, the battle system was the least of my problems. In fact, I quite enjoyed it. I think it was simple, yet fun.

      The thing I didn’t liked about Ni no Kuni II was that so much of the game felt like pure filler. It had a whole lot of tedious fetch quests as part of the main story line, it had that mandatory kingdom rebuilding mini game that you had to play to complete the game, and whenever you finally got to a new main area, there was generally only very little new stuff to actually explore there. Dungeon exploration and combat were actually my favorite aspect of the game, so the fact that there was very little of it was what disappointed me the most. Most of the game’s dungeons were really fun, but once they were over, they were over and it could take quite a while before you would see another one.

  3. This has been on my list for the longest time. I absolutely love anything Ghibli and I really enjoyed the first game. I started playing this game about 2 weeks ago on PS4 and dare say it is the most beautiful JRPG I have played in my entire life. Granted the Switch will tone down the beauty for obvious reasons but I can already see how this game can benefit from being portable i.e. Kingdom building will be more convenient when you are able to do it on the go… completing research and gathering coins and resources.

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