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Nintendo president has said future acquisitions would be driven by ‘tech innovation’

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has talked to investors and analysts about future acquisitions that the company could make in the future. Microsoft recently purchased game studio Bethesda and Sony has acquired a stake in Discord. Mr. Furukawa says that the company is only looking to invest in companies which they believe possess the technology for technological innovation.

“We need to secure cash reserves to ensure financial stability, but if we need to respond to rapidly advancing technological innovation, we may acquire companies that possess the technology,” 

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4 thoughts on “Nintendo president has said future acquisitions would be driven by ‘tech innovation’”

  1. I wonder what that means… buts it’s clearly about hardware and not software.

    will be it like when Apple bought FingerWorks in 2005 and made the iPhone as a result?

  2. The next big thing in gaming will be a server based MMOG, mark my words. And Nintendo won’t be the company hosting it, because they’re out of touch with reality and their server infrastructure is from the 90s.

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